• Degree: Philosophy (60822)
    Duration: 1 year
    The Master in Applied Ethics is an interdisciplinary and international programme focused on the interaction between moral practice and ethical theory.
  • Degree: Arts & Culture (60087)
    Duration: 1 year
    In this Master in Gender Studies, you'll learn to develop and implement sustainable perspectives in emancipation policies, diversity management, cultural initiatives and political activism.
  • Degree: Geographical Sciences (60732)
    Duration: 2 years
    GIMA focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective.
  • Degree: History (66034)
    Duration: 1 year
    In the Master's programme History of Politics and Society you will learn how to use historical insights into the functioning of democracy, citizenship and the market to solve current-day problems.
  • Degree: Spatial Planning (66622)
    Duration: 1 year
    The Master's programme Spatial Planning trains you to solve conflicting interests on urban land.
  • Degree: Sociale geografie (66620)
    Duration: 1 year
    Note: from September 2017 the Urban Geography programme will merge with Economic Geography to form the new Human Geography programme. As a result it is no longer possible to apply for Urban Geography.