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Entry requirements

Corona measures: consequences for admission to the Master’s programme

If you are conditionally admitted to the Master's programme, but unable to complete your Bachelor’s programme by 1 September due to corona measures, you may start your Master's, on the condition that your study progress delay does not exceed 15 EC. Also, this delay must have occurred in the second semester of academic year 2019-2020, and you must not have been able to obtain these credits any other way. If you meet these conditions, please fill out this form before 17 August.


You will be considered for admission to the Master’s programme in Literature Today if you have a Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university (or foreign equivalent) and can demonstrate the following knowledge, insight, and skills:

  • You are able to interpret and apply complex theories in the field of Literary Studies, as demonstrated by at least 30 EC of completed courses and a 7.5 EC Bachelor’s thesis that focused on literary theory and/or (European) literary history, from either a comparative or a language-specific perspective. At least 15 EC of coursework should be at an advanced Bachelor’s level.
  • You are able to design, perform, analyse, and report on scientific research in the field of Literary Studies (Comparative, Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, or equivalent), as demonstrated by a Bachelor’s thesis in one of these areas.
  • You have communicative skills that permit you to adjust to the setting/situation in which you present your knowledge or insights, and you are able to express yourself clearly and correctly in the language of the programme, both orally and in written form. This can be demonstrated by completed courses and/or a Bachelor’s thesis in the field of Literary Studies (Comparative, Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, or equivalent).

Selection procedure

The Admissions Committee will decide on your application. Based on the documents you submit, the committee will assess whether you have the competencies required to successfully complete the Master’s programme within the nominal duration. In the event of an earlier extension of the study duration or with a grade average of less than a 7, the committee will assess the motivation of the delay and the opportunities for growth of the candidate.

The programme admits a maximum of 20 students each year. If the number of applications exceeds the number of available places, the Admissions Committee will select those candidates who best combine academic achievement and capacity for research. In their overall selection, the committee will also strive for a balance between international and Dutch students.

Previous education

The following Bachelor’s programmes are a good preparation for this Master’s programme:

  • Literatuurwetenschap
  • Duitse taal en cultuur
  • Engelse taal en cultuur
  • Franse taal en cultuur
  • Nederlandse taal en cultuur
  • Spaanse taal en cultuur
  • Italiaanse taal en cultuur (please note: we do not offer a track in Italian literature)
  • Taal- en cultuurstudies with a major (hoofdrichting) in Moderne Letterkunde
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major (hoofdrichting) in Literatuurwetenschap or Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (UCU), following the track in Literature

If you are currently enrolled in a different UU Bachelor’s programme and thinking about applying for this Master’s programme, please contact the Programme Coordinator for more information. By planning your studies carefully and taking the appropriate courses, you may be admissible. For example, you can follow the Minor in Literatuurwetenschap (offered by the Bachelor’s programme in Literatuurwetenschap), but other course packages can sufficiently prepare you for this Master.

Note that we ask for 30 EC in completed coursework (via a minor or an otherwise compiled course package) and a Bachelor’s thesis in the field of Literary Studies (Comparative, Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, or equivalent) or a thesis touching on questions in the field.

Pre-Master's programme

If you do not meet the entry requirements, you might be eligible for a Pre-Master's programme tailored to the Master's programme at Utrecht University. The Pre-Master's programme comprises no more than 60 EC.

If you wish to apply for the Pre-Master’s programme, you must follow the regular application procedure for the Master’s programme. The Admissions Committee will then decide whether you will be admitted to a Pre-Master’s programme, and if so, which courses you must take. Only then may you register for the Pre-Master’s programme. Have a look at the costs of a Pre-Master's Programme (in Dutch). 

Language requirements

We require that you have a good command of the language of the programme and the track that you wish to follow.

  • For track 1, this means a good command of English
  • For track 2, a good command of Dutch and English
  • For track 3a, a good command of French and English (Dutch optional)
  • For track 3b, a good command of German and English (Dutch optional)
  • For track 3c, a good command of Spanish language and English (Dutch optional)

The Admissions Committee will assess this on the basis of your Bachelor’s programme, the specific courses you have completed, and your letter of motivation. 

Not sure if you are eligible?

You can contact us with questions about your eligibility.

When to apply

For admission in September

We will begin accepting applications after October 1. The latest date by which we can receive and process your application is April 1.

Complete your application in time!

In addition to applying online, you are asked to upload a number of documents. Please upload everything well before the latest date of application. If your file is incomplete at that time, we will be unable to consider your application.

When can you expect a decision?

The Admissions Committee will inform you of their decision within three to six weeks after the application deadline of April 1.

Application procedure


  1. Check the entry requirements for this Master’s programme.
  2. Apply in a timely manner, preferably well before the deadline; see ‘When to apply’.
  3. Download the Instructions for applying to a Master’s programme.
  4. Go to Studielink and complete the online application. 
    Please note: if you are registered with a Dutch municipality, you will need to log in using a DigiD. Applying for a DigiD takes five working days.
  5. You will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application, where you can upload the required documents. In OSIRIS Online Application you can also check the status of your application.

Required documents

During the online application process, you will be asked to submit documents that support your application to study at Utrecht University. You will find an overview of these documents below. The underlined forms can be completed on the computer. Please note that all documents must be submitted in English.

Please note:
In addition to the issues raised in the motivation statement format, please include the following:

  • Elaborate on the overview of relevant courses: have the insights gained in these courses motivated your choice of this Master’s programme? How do the insights gained in these courses relate to the Master in Literature Today?
  • Write the motivation letter in the main language of the track that you would like to follow (track 1 = English; track 2 = Dutch; track 3a = French; track 3b = German; or track 3c = Spanish).


Questions about the application procedure?

Please contact the Humanities Student Desk.