Utrecht Janskerkhof

Utrecht University School of Law engages in national and international research cooperation with many faculties and organisations. For example, it participates in the Ius Commune Research School, which researches comparative law in the fields of both European private and public law (partners: KU Leuven, Law School of the University of Edinburgh, University of Amsterdam and Maastricht University; Utrecht University is the lead partner) and it forms part of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research.

Young Innovators

Are you curious, entrepreneurial, intellectually versatile and socially responsible? Do you want to get more out of your Master’s programme, and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries to both research and actively (co-)create innovative initiatives that will make the world a better place? Then the Young Innovators honoursprogramme (15 EC) might be of interest to you!

Three core areas of research and innovation
The Young Innovators programme will focus on exploring and designing innovations in three areas:
•    Sustainable innovations in health 
•    Sustainable innovations in the economy
•    Sustainable innovations in urban living

Think outside your discipline

These multifaceted themes demand the joint efforts of experts from the sciences and humanities alike. They require knowledge of energy, climate dynamics, food, technology, and health, but insights into the dynamics of societies, law, economics, languages, cultures, history and philosophy are just as essential. The issues transcend national and cultural borders. Therefore, the programme aims at substantial participation from international students and is taught in English. Learn more about the Young Innovators.