Programme Director Prof. mr. dr. Sybe de Vries tells you why this Master's programme prepares you for a futureproof legal career: 

  • A life-changing programme custom-built for the 21st century

    I’d been a lawyer for eight years, but I reached a turning point when I realised I wanted a bigger challenge and a better opportunity to grow professionally. Because technology has such a big impact on our lives these days, it seems crucial to fully understand the role it plays within these spheres, including law. Ultimately, this is why I chose the Law and Technology in Europe Master’s programme at Utrecht University.

    To immerse yourself in the world of law and technology, you need competent guides. The first thing that stands out at Utrecht University is the professionalism and responsiveness of the professors and the dynamic course structures. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the many guest lecturers with various specialities. They make the information very accessible and are always willing to share their professional experience.

    Secondly, it’s worth mentioning that all learning had to take place in an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the university and professors managed to transfer the entire programme to a digital environment without losing its identity or richness. The remote nature of the courses may have diluted the student atmosphere a little, but it allowed me to follow this programme in Russia while communicating with my classmates and teachers and developing my professional projects. This would otherwise have been very difficult due to the pandemic restrictions.
    This Master provided me with the guidance, tools and capabilities I need to succeed and achieve everything I’ve achieved since graduating. It’s a fascinating journey that takes you on a challenging but rewarding path: truly a life-changing and memorable experience!

    Anastasiya Bobyleva (Russia)
    LLM Law and Technology in Europe

  • This Master’s was more than just an academic experience for me

    I would recommend the LLM Law and Technology in Europe at Utrecht for several reasons. This Master’s focuses on topics and fields of law that are critical in tackling the major issues of the digital era, but also the possibilities that can be unlocked with emerging technologies. As lawyers, we can only correctly handle these problems and enhance the positive effects of technological change when we understand how the law interacts with these new and often disruptive technologies. This knowledge is specifically provided by this LLM, and it has prepared me to take on these purposeful challenges in my future career. The Master’s provided me with insights into the relevant characteristics of emerging (informational) technologies, often through lectures by technical experts. In particular, the programme focuses on the legal challenges of those technologies, which are clearly set out by leading academics in the field. This passionate team of lecturers will provide you with legal, but also multidisciplinary insights that may be highly useful for your career.

    I followed this LLM because of its highly reputed Utrecht University. But overall, this Master’s was more than just an academic experience for me; it was also a way to meet a group of passionate and like-minded friends and to enjoy Utrecht’s buzzing student life. Moreover, job opportunities in this field of law are omnipresent for many different legal professions. In short, there are many great reasons to follow the LLM Law & Technology in Europe; now it’s up to you to decide!

    Brend Plantinga (the Netherlands)
    LLM Law and Technology in Europe


  • The impact technology has on fundamental rights