Career Prospects

Towards a professional career

Graduates of this programme typically apply for positions in regulatory and competition law or corporate environments (such as consultancies or regulatory departments of multinationals). They also obtain positions at regulatory bodies (such as the European Commission, ECB or national banks), competition authorities (like the ACM in the Netherlands) and various other regulatory agencies. These positions may be at the national level or in European-level institutions, such as ACER or ESMA. Positions in government departments, such as the Ministries of Economic Affairs or Healthcare, are also possible. Some graduates develop as entrepreneurs in start-up companies. Those obtaining the LLM degree, may also continue on either to large law firms with a strong corporate and competition law focus or to smaller firms specialising in competition law and regulatory law. LLM students will obtain the Dutch civil effect qualification (when Bachelor requirements are met), meaning that they qualify for the  professions of both judge and lawyer. Graduates also have continued in academia, either as lecturers or as PhD candidates.

Possible professional careers

Law & Economics graduates typically find positions in industry, legal and economic consulting, and government agencies. In the public domain, typical jobs would be found within competition authorities and merger control departments. 

After completing this degree programme, you will have the skills and education necessary to work as:

  • Compliance Officer in industry, which implies responsibility for running the legal and compliance department of a firm.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions consultant, with responsibility for dealing with competition authorities.
  • Deal broker, with responsibility for matching acquiring firms with targets, both in a legal and an economic sense, while taking special responsibility for the quality of covenants.
  • Researcher: You’ll acquire the skills and training to conduct further research either at a university or at a research institute (NGO, commercial research office, etc.).

Alumni stories

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Towards an Academic Career

Both the School of Economics and the School of Law have an average of 12 PhD students who are working under the supervision of a professor toward a doctorate. While studying for your PhD, you will write and submit a thesis, and we also encourage you to establish yourself as a researcher by publishing articles and contributing to seminars and conferences. Graduates of the Master in Law and Economics programme have also found their way into PhD programmes elsewhere or into combining a non-academic career with writing a doctoral dissertation under the supervision of one of Utrecht’s professors. If you wish to find out more about openings for paid PhD positions, please go to vacancies.

Both schools sometimes offer positions as junior faculty to recent graduates. These positions are aimed toward teaching activities and provide young scholars with an excellent start in their careers.

Also check the testimonials to get an impression of the jobs alumni of the LLM Law and Economics have obtained.