Why in Utrecht

Opting for the International Development Studies at Utrecht University means you will benefit from:

  • over 50 years of experience in teaching and research in the field of Development Studies;
  • a wealth of research and professional expertise in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean;
  • a programme that is ‘in tune’ and contributes to the new developments and trends in the field;
  • a multi-disciplinary teaching and learning scheme that combines perspectives in Geography and related fields including Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences, Anthropology, Environmental/Sustainability Studies;
  • an international learning environment, with students and staff from diverse cultural, disciplinary, and professional backgrounds;
  • a well-balanced curriculum that develop students’ theoretical, empirical, and methodological competencies in Development Studies;
  • the ability to personalise your study programme by choosing your own research-oriented internship, upon which you write your Master’s thesis;
  • ample opportunities to develop your generic skills (i.e. problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, writing in different genres, oral and written presentation) that enhance your employability in all job sectors;
  • a programme with long-standing collaborative relationships with foreign and local research institutions, universities, and the private sector;
  • close relations to lecturers, PhDs, and other research staff members with rich academic and professional experiences, and extensive networks in diverse development-related fields;
  • a large, expanding, and active alumni and friends network – a vital resource for career prospect;
  • regular events organised by IDS and partners (e.g. the IS Land Academy ‘Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development: Dealing with New Pressures and Competing Claims’ (LANDac)) on current and important development-related issues.