If you have a bachelor degree from a Dutch research university, you may still be eligible for the Master’s programme International Development Studies. In that case, the admission committee may propose a pre-Master’s programme to compensate for insufficiencies in previous education (generally 30 EC). Please note: a Pre-Master’s programme is only available for students with a Dutch educational background.

Holding a diploma from a university of applied sciences (HBO) in a discipline related to International Development Studies, you are eligible for the Master’s programme after having successfully completed a Pre-Master’s programme. This Pre-Master’s programme (generally 30 or 60 EC) is necessary to fulfil the analytical and methodological requirements for admission to an academic Master’s programme.

In addition, you should have achieved an average grade of 7 to qualify for admission to the Pre-Master’s programme. When making a decision on admission to the Pre-Master’s programme, the admission committee takes into account the specific grades for courses related to the field of International Development Studies, the overall development of grades during the HBO-Bachelor programme and the motivation for continuing studies.