• ''The teachers are real professionals in their respective fields, and often available to help''

    Roxanne van Nieuwamerongen, student

    During my Bachelor’s, I discovered that the social processes happening in the city and simultaneously shaping it, were my favourite learning topics. By choosing the Human Geography Master’s programme with the Urban Geography track, I was able to learn even more about these processes. Learning more about the theories behind the processes was very rewarding for me.

    Various research methods are explained so I could choose the one that best suited me. I now feel confident about using the basic research skills I learnt. Another really positive point about this Master’s programme are the teachers – real professionals in their respective fields, and often available to help.

    I very much hope I will find a job that feeds this interest of mine, one that allows me to see results of my hard work and gives me satisfaction, for example working for a consultancy firm. This Master’s has given me the knowledge and skills to find a job like this.

  • ''During this master, we often talk about and anlyse relevant topics''

    Ilse van der Werf, student

    I’ve chosen this master programme because since the beginning of my study I’ve always been attracted to the economic part of geography. Why does the economic development of one region differ from another region? How can regional, but also European, policy contribute to this development? During my master we are discussing these questions and often we talk about and analyse relevant topics. There is hardly a news broadcast without a topic you discussed during lectures. For example, the Brexit or the debate on climate policy. This is something I really like about this master