Honours Programmes

Are you looking for an extra challenge during your masters programme? Utrecht University offers her students several programmes in addition to the regular masters in which you can develop your talents even further.


Young Innovators

Do you want to get more out of your study? Utrecht University offers the Young Innovators programme to creative and ambitious students who are keen to put their academic skills to work for the common good.

The programme is focused on learning to research, design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to real-life societal challenges. Supported by leading researchers from the university's strategic research theme of Institutions, the programme allows you to immerse yourself in the theory and practice of innovation across the corporate, public and community sectors.


Graduate honours interdisciplinary seminars

Are you an ambitious Master’s student looking for an intellectual challenge? Then apply to join our Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars!

This is a series of small-scale seminars, three to four meetings each, about the focus areas of research at Utrecht University. The topics will be diverse, ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability, to trends in youth culture, and the philosophy of science. No more than eight students participate in each discussion-based seminar group. Each seminar is hosted by distinguished researchers. You, your fellow students, and the lecturers will co-create the sessions.

The seminars

During one year, students will follow three seminars, each consisting of three meetings. After the three seminars, all students in the GHIS programme organize a fourth seminar together in which they share what they have learned during the previous seminars.

Each study period students will follow one seminar. Before the start of each period, students can indicate which seminar they would like to follow. The coordinator will determine in which seminar each student is placed.

Topics that were included in the seminars of last year were: ‘The societal impact of antibiotic resistance’ and ‘Public Order and Security’.


All meetings are scheduled in timeslot E (Monday-Thursday 19:15-22:00). The GHIS course consists of 7,5 ECTS. The course is meant as an extracurricular course. There is no programme fee.

Selection criteria

We are looking for UU master students who are motivated and show a broad interest in topics of interdisciplinary research and have a GPA of 7.0 or higher for their Bachelor’s degree. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the programme.

Application 2018 - 2019

Application is closed

After the deadline we will let you know as soon as possible whether you will be invited for the group selection interviews on 17, 18, 24 or 25 September 2018.

Faculty honours masters programmes

In addition to the university-wide programmes, the faculties of Utrecht University also offer usefull program-specific honours programmes.
You can find an overview of these programmes here.