Career Prospects

Being able to combine the theoretical and practical track gave me a breadth of study and the real-world experience of a research organisation
Jennifer Beckwith

Possible prospects

There are a number of job market segments where there is a need for people who can tie together the past, present, and future: employees who help shape the future by providing insight into the origins of contemporary society. For example:

  • Policy makers in the public sector (national government and lower levels) or at semi-public organisations: employees who can advise on issues such as political structures, social relationships, and economic developments.
  • Researchers and consultants at important consultation bureaus in these fields, such as the Netherlands Institute for Social Research or the Scientific Council for Government Policy, or parliamentary assistants for political parties.
  • Research journalists and consultants in media- or business communities, with an eye to social issues and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Professional careers

Alumni of the programme have found employment in a variety of fields and jobs that require them to use their expertise. Curious about the jobs our alumni found? Jennifer Beckwith is a policy advisor at CBI. You can read her testimonial. Or you can check out Calvin Curry's LinkedIn profile below.

Other alumni work as: 

  • Policy advisor at the EU and External Relations Team of the Scottish government
  • Trainee at the Dutch Ministery of Internal Affairs
  • Political editor at the Dutch Ministery of General Affairs
  • Advisor at Transitiepartners, een organisation that supports municipalities with changes in the social domain
  • Consultant at Wallaart & Kusse Public Affairs, een company that helps organisations to set up a lobby.
  • Policy advisor Culture and Art, municipality Amstelveen

Academic careers

In principle, graduates of the Master’s programme History of Politics and Society are eligible to apply for a PhD position at a Dutch or foreign university, but the programme does not train candidates specifically for this purpose. Students who aim for such a career may be better off choosing the Research Master’s in History.

Facts and figures

The students that started with the Master’s programme have found employment in a variety of positions and sectors: