Pre-Master's Programme

This Master's programme admits students based on the following requirements:

  • motivation, talent and learning ability;
  • level of knowledge and general and research skills in the relevant field.
  • general academic level of thinking and working;
  • command of the language or languages of instruction.

We will also assess whether you are capable of completing the Master's programme within the set period. If deficiencies are found with regard to the required knowledge and skills, which can be remedied with a course load of max 30 EC, you first must successfully finish a premaster programme before you can start this Master’s programme. The Admissions Committee will determine which courses are required in your specific case. Read more about the fees for a pre-master programme.

Please note:

A Pre-Master's Programme is only available for:

  • Dutch students
  • Non-Dutch students with a Dutch educational background who do not need housing, and who do not have or require a residence permit for study purposes
  • Refugee students with a Dutch residence permit or a W-document who do not need housing

When in doubt about your residence permit, you can send an email to Utrecht University's International Student Admissions (ISA) , including a copy of both sides of the permit. Please state clearly that you are inquiring about a Pre-Master’s programme.