As of academic year 2019-2020 GIMA offers the possibility for flexstudy to all students starting or currently enrolled in this Master’s programme.

What is flexstudy?

Flexstudy is a new enrolment option that gives you the opportunity to study part-time and with a tuition fee related to the number of credits you will be taking (plus 15% administrative costs). The aim of offering flexstudy is to find out whether this kind of flexibility leads to a better accessibility of higher education, higher student satisfaction, increased scope of development and lower dropout rates. More information can be found on the page for flexstudy.

What are the conditions for flexstudy?

There are four conditions:

  1. You will have to (re)enrol as a fulltime student. Students now registered as parttime will have to alter their enrolment to fulltime.
  2. You belong to one of the following target groups:
    • Studying in combination with a job/own business/freelancing
    • Studying with a student athlete status
    • Student representatives for a university administrative or advisory board that receive an administrative grant of at least €425,- in academic year 2021-2022.
    • Studying in combination with caregiving/parenting
    • Studying with a disability or chronical illness
  3. You are one of the first 100 applicants for flexstudy that meet the first two conditions
  4. You are eligible for the statutory fee.

Flexstudy programmes

Below you will find an outlay of the possible programmes, including a preferred option. Please note that the study load of 20 EC options will change to 30 EC as of the fourth year.

How and when to apply?

Starting students need an enrolment request and should be (conditionally) accepted into the GIMA programme, before applying for flexstudy via this form. Current GIMA students can use the same form to apply. Please note that all applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis. Furthermore, applications received after 1 August can no longer be taken into consideration.