Admission and Application

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Entry requirements

Educational background

Aside from the entry requirements stated below, we are looking for students who are:

  • interested in both geo-information science and project-management
  • self-disciplined and show initiative
  • independent thinkers but can also be team players
  • motivation and talent

You are eligible for the GIMA programme, if you have:

  • already obtained a Dutch or foreign university bachelor's degree or equivalent in a discipline related to geographical information management and applications (with sufficient knowledge of GIS). In case of some GIS knowledge deficiency, considerable working experience in the geo-information field will be an advantage.
  • academic and research skills on par with those expected at the level of a university bachelor's degree
  • basic computer skills

Selection of course participants will also be based on Grade Point Average (GPA) and study progress in previous (post-secondary) education. In principle students with a bachelor’s degree from a university should have a GPA of at least 7 (or 70% of the maximum of the scale) to qualify for admission. In case of a lower GPA the admission committee may still consider admission in exceptional cases on the basis of the overall student application file.

English language requirements

You are exempt from the English language requirement because you obtained your previous degree from a Dutch Research University.

When to apply

We will begin accepting applications after October 1. We recommend that you apply as early as possible, as places in the programme are limited. The absolute latest date by which we can receive and process your application is June 1.

Complete your application in time

In addition to applying online, you are asked to send in a number of forms and documents. Please send everything well before the latest date of application.

When can you expect a decision?

The Graduate School of Geosciences strives to inform you of their decision within two to three weeks after receiving your application documents. 

Application procedure

  1. Make sure you start your application well before the deadline; see ‘When to apply’.
  2. Go to Studielink and complete the registration. Afterwards you will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application.
  3. Upload all required documents in OSIRIS Online Application. Here you can also check the status of your application.
  4. After you upload all documents in OSIRIS, International Student Admissions will verify them and send them to the Graduate School for evaluation. 
  5. If you are admitted, your admission letter will describe the next steps towards enrollment. In most cases your admission is conditional, which means you will have to send additional documents or complete more steps.

Required documents