Work permit

Who needs a work permit

International students who do not have an EU/ EEA or Swiss nationality need a work permit if they want to work in the Netherlands. Student-trainees do not need a work permit if they submit the trainee-agreement.

How do you acquire a work permit

You cannot apply for a work permit yourself. An employer must apply for the work permit, so first you have to find an employer or employment agency willing to do this for you. A work permit is always issued for a specific employer.


  • You need a residence permit before your employer can apply for a work permit. Note that the application for a residence permit usually takes approximately 2 months. After that it takes about 6 weeks to process your work permit.
  • You must have a Burger Service Number, for which you need to register with the city.
  • You are allowed to work either full-time in June, July and August OR no more than 16 hours per week throughout the academic year.
  • The work permit is valid for the same time as your residence permit. When you extend your residence permit, you also have to extend your work permit.