If you are considering studying in Utrecht you will need to know what it costs to support yourself. During your stay in Utrecht you can expect to spend between € 800 and € 1,000 a month on living expenses. Tuition fees are not included in this amount.

Overview of average living expenses

Expense Explanation Cost
Accommodation Furnished, including utilities, individual/ shared, etc. 400 - 800 euro per month
Living expenses Food, clothes, personal services, public transport, etc. 350 - 450 euro per month
Insurance Health, personal liability, etc. 40 - 100 euro per month
Books / study material Depends on the degree programme. 65 - 85 euro per month
Visa & permits Depends on your nationality 0 - 304 euro (once)
Contingencies Bicycle, higher phone bill, financial setback, etc. 500 euro (once)

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How can you finance your studies?

The cost of studying and living can be financed by different sources of income:

For EU / EEA-students: