Online education

Online Education gives you the opportunity to attend courses and to expand your knowledge from anywhere in the world. It is also a great way to explore different fields of expertise in order to find a suitable Master's programme that fits your personal and professional goals.

Online Master's

Are you looking for a postgraduate programme that focuses on epidemiology? Utrecht University offers a complete online Postgraduate Master's Programme in this field.


MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. These courses are free of charge and are accessible anywhere in the world via a stable internet connection. You can choose where and when you follow the course; your age and previous education are not relevant. MOOCs offer an easy way of becoming acquainted with specific fields of expertise.

At the Coursera website you can enroll for our MOOCs. Here, you can find the following courses: 

MOOC Start date
Unravelling solutions for Future Food problems July 03, 2017
Ebola: Essential Knowledge for Health Professionals July 10, 2017
Understanding child development: from synaps to society July 03, 2017
Human Rights for Open Societies September 04, 2017
Clinical Epidemiology Augustus 07, 2017


SPOC stands for Small Private Online Course. For these courses you need to register for a specific start date. Utrecht University’s SPOCs are taught in a small group setting, designed to maximise feedback, interaction and evaluation of your work in the form of peer review, moderation and academic input and critique. The teaching methods, faculty and platform work together to inspire the highest possible level of participation during the course.

The SPOCs of Utrecht University can be found on the Elevate platform.