Long stay housing

Finding accommodation on the private market can demand time and effort. On the page about student housing in Utrecht, on our website for students that are currently enrolled, we provide you with tips and tricks that can help you during your search

SSH Long Stay 

SSH is the largest student housing organisation in Utrecht. SSH offers furnished Short Stay Accommodation via the Reserved Accommodation Programme for first year international students (limited) as well as unfurnished Long Stay Accommodation in Utrecht, Zeist, Amersfoort and several other cities.

SSH Long Stay is available for Dutch and international students between the ages 16 and 27 and can be rented for the full duration of their studies. The registration fee is only 20 euros and is valid until you are 30 years old. Note that you require significant built up registration time for SSH Long Stay housing. It is unlikely to find housing this way for the start of your studies. 

Register now!

The waiting time for SSH Long Stay ranges from 18 to over 30 months, depending on the time of the year and the location. If you are only remotely considering to enrol in a degree programme, and you would like to increase your chances of finding long stay housing once you move here, we highly recommend you register as soon as possible.