Study programme

The Young Innovators community gathers during five weekends throughout the academic year and on several Tuesday evenings in between. This is where the foundations are laid for our collective journey to creating positive social impact and the skills that are acquired to get there. We organize seminars, workshops, master classes and site visits, according to what serves the community most at that time.

Kick-off weekend

Young Innovators starts with a kick-off weekend at 28 & 29 September 2018. Here you will get to know your fellow-students and the programme.


Weekend and evening workshops are organized on innovation processes (e.g. SCRUM, Design Thinking, LEAN, etc.), teamwork, group dynamics, and innovator- and leadership. Through extra activities the students will develop the skills needed to successfully accomplish the challenge.

Master Classes

Masterclasses are organized on the Tuesday evening sessions. Together the students and staff will invite inspiring speakers from societal, public, academic, political, and business perspectives. Previous editions we had the honour of receiving guests like Nils Roemen (Dare To Ask), Valerie Frissen (internet related innovations and funding), The Basic Income Party, Prof. Dr. Herman Wijffels, Wim Kuiken, Job Cohen and many more.

Weekend trip

Before the year ends, the process of self-organizing an inspiring weekend trip begins. For example an amazing trip to Copenhagen or a trip to innovative Berlin. Last year we visited different start-ups and social projects and we even had a professional Design Thinking Workshop.

Watch the video of the Berlin trip:


Final Event 2015-2016:



Some interesting team products of previous editions: