Application and admission

The application 2019 - 2020 is open from June 2019

Admission requirements

  • You must have a Bachelor's (BA or BSc) degree or equivalent by the time of enrolment in the Young Innovators programme.
  • You must be registered in a UU Master's programme during the academic year in which you take part in the programme.
  • You can show us a study record that proves you can handle an extra challenge besides your Masters.
  • You have experience in extra curricular activities like student boards, volunteer jobs, etc. That shows your ambition to work hard and develop yourself broad.
  • Application forms that are not complete and do not meet our requirements will not be taken into consideration.

Please note: You pay a contribution of €150,- upon registration for the 2018 - 2019 masters programme. Once you are selected you will receive more information on the payment details


To get in, you must have a record of accomplishment that convinces us that you have what it takes to take on and thrive in a programme of this kind.

Please fill out the application form (below), write a motivation letter and also send your cv and transcript of your grades list. Please do the assignment and take it with you to the matching meeting in September.

Motivation letter

You are required to write a motivation letter in which:

  • you present a 'portfolio' of your academic record as well as your record of service, employment and/or entrepreneurship in the world outside academia;
  • you argue why it is important for you to participate in this programme, and how you would benefit from it;
  • you demonstrate what it is you have to offer to the programme and its participants; and you commit to abiding by Young Innovators’ rules of attendance and standards of behaviour (see further below).

Application form

Application is closed

Assignment (to be taken to the matching meeting in September)

Imagine that there is a journal called ‘Social Innovation’ and you are the editor of this journal.

Design the cover of this month’ issue of this journal. You can do it digitally, on paper, or in whatever creative way you like. In your design, try to engage with three issues:

  • What this journal would be about (i.e. what social innovation means to you)
  • Who the audience of this journal would be (i.e. what a community of innovators would look like)
  • Who you are as the editor of this journal (i.e. why you care about social innovation).

Since it is a journal cover, you can not use a lot of words; so you have to use other means to get your message across. Please bring your cover, in whatever format, to the matching meeting in September. It will be used in the conversation.

Selection procedure

We will admit approximately 90 students this year. People who have written letters to us that arouse our curiosity will be invited for a matching meeting together with fellow applicants and some of the YI staff. Shortly after this you will be informed of our decision.

Admission decisions are taken by the Young Innovators selection committee. Admission decisions are communicated by e-mail and in writing. Note that the programme is not a degree course but an honours programme that students can take on invitation. Consequently formal appeals against rejections are not possible. On request rejected applicants will receive tailor made information on the motivations for their rejection.