Kaylee Rosalina

“Our lecturers want us to be critical towards anything we learn.”

Interview with Kaylee Rosalina, 2nd-year Master’s student Educational Sciences

“In the second year of my Bachelor’s programme, I decided to start working as a freelance educational developer, but I also wanted to obtain a Master’s degree. So now I’m part-time student and part-time entrepreneur. I’m convinced that cross-pollination between different professions is very useful; not only for the professionals themselves, but also for the local community and economy. Therefore, I’ve started a knowledge sharing-project of my own in Eindhoven, where I live. I hope to bring educational professionals of all sorts together with other professionals so that we can benefit from each other.”

“Although I live in Eindhoven, which is a one-hour trip from Utrecht, it was obvious for me that I would continue studying at Utrecht University. The Master’s programme is of very high quality, and the study programme in Utrecht interests me more than programmes at other universities because of the practical approach. In the classes that I attended, the professors let us prepare and lead the workgroups ourselves. There’s a lot of room for autonomy. Besides that, the lecturers all know their students by name, which makes it very personal.”

 “Because of the fact that I live in Eindhoven, I do not spend a lot of time in Utrecht. But when I’m in the city centre, I really like the liveliness of it. There’s a lot going on, and I love that the whole city comes to life once the sun starts shining. Wherever you look, people are studying or relaxing on every square meter of grass.”

“When I talk about the sun, I also think about Curaçao, where my roots are. I would love to work there for a short period of time, since it is an entirely different work context. But first I’m planning to grow my ‘one-woman business’ into a bigger company. In a couple of months, I will be taking it to the next level: I am opening up a small office in Eindhoven. I also run a food blog (www.dekleinehuisjes.nl) where me and my sister and two cousins share our own recipes.”

“In the future, I might enroll in a new Master’s programme. I’m not sure which one, but I do know that I am not done with learning yet. I might never be. I definitely feel that Utrecht University helps me reach my goals. What I like best is that students learn that they don’t have to take anything for granted. In fact, our lecturers want us to question them and to be critical towards anything we learn. To me, that is a skill that lasts longer than the programme itself or the knowledge you gain over the course of your whole education.”