Student counselling

A number of degree programmes have mentors helping the tutors. Mentors are higher-year students who can answer questions you may have about your degree, the university and Utrecht.

Study Advisor

Every degree programme has its own study advisor who is fully informed about the programme’s curriculum. The study advisor can answer your questions about the study programme and provide support or recommendations for your studies. 

You should also consult the Study Advisor if you are having problems that are affecting your ability to study effectively, such as personal problems, illness or problems with study skills or if you are falling behind.  

Student Counsellor

For questions that go beyond your degree programme, such as issues related to student finance or legal matters, the student counsellor is there to help you.

Student psychologist

Student psychologists can help you to solve study-related problems and to address personal problems that get in the way of your academic work.

Career Officer

The career officer is fully informed about the labour market for university graduates and can also help you decide which career to choose. The career officer can also provide a career training and check your application letter and CV.


Utrecht University offers a range of workshops helping you to develop your academic skills, deal with personal problems and much more. 

More information about guidance and counselling

The website for current students provides more information about guidance and counselling.