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Your Master's Programme at UU
Master's Programme

Your Master’s Programme at UU is a 1- or 2-year programme leading to a Science degree (MSc), Arts degree (MA) or Laws degree (LLM).

On top of your Master's Programme you can take part in the Young Innovators Programme, Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars and program-specific honours programmes.


Utrecht University offers you:

  • a wide choice of degree programmes taught in English and/or Dutch, leading to internationally recognised, accredited qualifications
  • the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish in a top-quality, world-class academic environment where teaching is closely linked to the latest research
  • learning based on the Utrecht Educational Model, which includes a strong interdisciplinary approach and courses taught in small groups to foster the intensive exchange of ideas between students and lecturers

Our academic staff have high expectations of their students, but also provide ample opportunities for students to develop their own views and talents:

  • As a student at Utrecht University, you are part of our academic community.
  • Your input forms a vital contribution to the community.
  • You will learn to think critically, state your own views and participate in discussions.


At Utrecht University, quality is central to both teaching and research. All Master’s degree programmes offered by the university are accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). Each programme is regularly assessed by an internal evaluation board, and an external committee assesses all programmes every five years. Utrecht University asks for your commitment, dedication and ambition during your study to get the best out of yourself.

Nurturing talent

Utrecht University encourages all students to develop their unique talents to the maximum extent possible. The university also offers a number of specialised programmes for highly talented and motivated students, including the Young Innovators programme and the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars. Students who wish to participate in these programmes must meet stringent admission requirements.

Connection to research

Research plays an important part in a Utrecht University education. As a student, you will learn from prominent researchers in your chosen area of study. As a student in one of our Research Master’s or doctoral programmes, you will also contribute to the university’s research offerings.

During your programme of study, regardless of academic level or discipline, you will hone your research skills through connections with practicing researchers and the careful study and testing of scientific theories. Your education will include ample opportunities to explore research methodologies as well as the latest research in your field.

Connecting research and education

To provide an optimal link between research and education, we have organized our master’s programmes and PhD programmes into six graduate schools, which consist of related programmes. In this context, Master’s students, PhD candidates and top researchers from different disciplines can easily meet each other and exchange knowledge.

International possibilities

If you know that you want to spend time abroad during your studies, Utrecht University is the right place for you. We will provide you with all possible support if you choose to study or intern abroad, and the university maintains numerous exchange agreements with partner universities around the world.

Inspiring an international educational environment

Over half of our Master’s programmes and six of our Bachelor’s programmes are taught in English. Every year, these programmes attract more than 1500 students from abroad and 1200 exchange students from 110 different countries. The university also invites top instructors from abroad to teach in various courses and programmes. As a student at Utrecht University, you will enjoy an inspiring and international environment both inside and outside the classroom.

With the grade point average (GPA) system for Bachelor’s and Master’s students, our students can apply more easily for Master’s and PhD programmes, scholarships and jobs. In the Netherlands as well as in much of the world, the GPA is a common tool for assessing a candidate’s skills and knowledge.

Sustainable Education 

If you are a student at Utrecht University, you will learn about sustainability. It is a part of your wide range of academic schooling at UU. Why is this? The development of a sustainable society is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. You can contribute to this transition too. Following a specific Master's programme that focuses on sustainability is one way to do this.

What does Utrecht University mean with 'sustainability'?

Within sustainability education, you will study at least one of the following themes: 
•    Climate Change
•    Biodiversity
•    Risk Containment for Disasters
•    Water
•    Cultural Diversity
•    Sustainable Urbanization
•    Sustainable Lifestyles

Sustainable Master's programmes

In most UU Master's programmes, you will come across the term 'sustainability'. Sustainability is the central focus within the interest field ‘Earth and Sustainability’, with no less than 27 programmes.