Why in Utrecht


During the Master’s programme, you will collaborate with other students on a wide range of projects. The students come from both Utrecht University (UU) and Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). That way, each project group will include representatives from different fields of expertise to achieve the optimal result. You will also work together with other faculties at the university, or with the business community. 

Career opportunities 

There is a high demand for professionals who are able to develop the technology behind a game. Not necessarily in the entertainment sector, where companies look for people to design game systems, but also in social sectors such as health care and education. These fields use games for serious purposes: serious gaming. In other words, you’ll be able to find a job in many different sectors. Because you’re educated as a computer scientist with a focus on game and media, it is also possible to work outside the gaming industry or to become a PhD student. The lecturers also have many contacts with large companies, and can help you look for internship positions or jobs after graduation. 

Unique environment

The Utrecht region is not only centrally located in the Netherlands; it is also widely recognised as an important gaming region due to the many game companies located in the province, such as Ronimo Game. There are also various locations that help game start-ups become established, like the Dutch Game Garden. Utrecht University features its incubator UtrechtInc, who also has a programme that will help students to start their own company.  Besides, there are several exchanges between the game companies as well, which helps them learn from one another.   

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