Extracurricular Opportunities

Are you looking for an extra challenge?

Utrecht University offers several honours programmes for students looking for an extra challenge. Honours education is followed on top of your regular Master’s programme and goes beyond the regular curriculum. Honours programmes are available at both faculty and interdisciplinary level and allow you to go deeper into subjects or work on projects that transcend your own discipline.

Faculty honours programmes

Some faculties offer their own honours programmes. Such programmes allow for more depth to the subject matter. Faculty honours programmes offer more time to focus on opportunities for personal and professional development within your field.

Interdisciplinary honours programmes

You can choose from three of the university wide honours programmes below. In these interdisciplinary programmes you will work on varying social and academic issues together with students from other disciplines. By analysing issues from different angles you learn how you can navigate in current complex societies at a broad and connecting level. After completing these honours programmes you will receive an honours certificate during a festive ceremony.

Double Degree honours programmes in 3 years (180 EC)

Are you interested in more than just one of our Master’s programme? Do you want to look across the boundary of your programme and combine it with another? Are you an excellent student and looking for an extra challenge? In this Honours programme you effectively take two Master’s programmes within the Graduate School of Natural Sciences at the same time. More information.

QBio honours programme

First-year Master’s students of the Utrecht University Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GS-NS) or Life Sciences (GS-LS) can enroll in the QBio honours programme while continuing their Master’s programme.

Graduate program Game Research

If you want to further deepen your knowledge of Game and Media Technology, consider enrolling into the graduate program Game Research. Several master programs of different faculties are involved in the graduate program, including Game and Media Technology. The graduate program guides you to writing a research proposal for a PhD position. A number of these proposals will receive a grant, allowing you to do research for four years and obtaining a PhD at the end.


DGDARC is the Dutch Game Development and Research Club based in Utrecht. DGDARC is a part of the Sticky study association. Their goal is to promote game development activities among the students of the bachelor and master programs related to gaming. They organize events such as symposia, the creative game challenge student edition, and more.

Dutch Game Garden

Dutch Game Garden's mission is to create employment and economic growth by stimulating the games industry in the Netherlands. Some of the most talented game studios from the Netherlands call (or have called) Dutch Game Garden their home. Examples include Abbey Games (Reus, Renowned Explorers), Vlambeer (Luftrausers, Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne), RageSquid (Action Henk), Digital Dreams (Metrico), Self Made Miracle (Penarium) and Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts, Swords & Soldiers). Quite a few of these companies have been founded by ex-GMT students, or have ex-GMT students as employees.

Study abroad

The minor project (six months) can be completed at a university, research institute, or company abroad. Utrecht University and our staff have access to extensive international networks of scientific collaboration with, for example, the University of California. We encourage our students to complete their internship abroad.

Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars – 10 EC

During the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars (GHIS) you will meet students from other disciplines in a series of small-scale seminars. Under supervision of leading UU researchers you will study socially relevant themes. These research themes vary from privacy and globalization to DNA and complex systems. You follow one seminar per study period and conclude the year with an interdisciplinary group project. 

GHIS is offered in English and available for all Master’s students from the UU.

Young Innovators – 15 EC

Young Innovators is an honours programme for curious and involved students that like to commit to challenges about sustainability and societal wellbeing. You’re a changemaker working for and on a better world. Young Innovators allows you to work in interdisciplinary teams on projects that shape social innovation. 

Young Innovators is offered in English and available for all Master’s students from the UU.

Leadership Programme – 10 EC

In the Leadership Programme you discover what kind of leader you are or want to be. You apply knowledge from different disciplines to real leadership dillemas and get a better understanding about what it means to be a leader in a globalising world. You follow workshops (i.a. public speaking skills, conflict management) taught by experts ranging from UU professors and external lecturers. During the interactive and intimate College Tours you can engage with leaders from different domains in society. You finish the year by working with a leader as part of the Leader to Shadow component. 

The Leadership Programme has both an English and Dutch track and is available for all Master’s students from the UU.

For more information on honours programmes at the UU, go to the Honours College website or Instagram.