• I acquired a high level of financial expertise with a very international focus!

    Kevin Seebacher

    “In today’s world, it is essential to already start specializing during the studies and thus give a profile to your professional career early on. On obtaining my Master Degree in Financial Management, I acquired valuable skills in Corporate Finance in an international environment from the best professors. I can only recommend this experience to anybody who wants to become a finance professional.”

    Kevin Seebacher (Austria)

    MSc Graduate


  • This Master's programme combines financial theory with real-world situations through multiple case studies

    Tolias Kostas

    "As someone with a background in Banking and Finance, I was looking for a Masters course that would provide me with a further in-depth understanding of financial management and business economics, but also help me develop the necessary skill set to thrive in the “real world”. Well, the MSc in Financial Management at Utrecht University offered me the chance to achieve both.

    The programme is well designed, with challenging initial core modules that combine both financial theory and application to real-world situations through multiple case studies. The courses are very challenging and stimulating and are taught by top-level academics with extensive professional experience. In addition, the cultural diversity of my classmates offered me the opportunity to engage in various discussions during group projects that expanded my horizons and strengthened my sense of responsibility, time-management and teamwork. Also, the wide variety of elective courses during the third period allowed me to tailor the programme according to my personal ambitions and expectations.

    However, a Master’s programme is not only about studying, but also about living. And Utrecht is an amazing place to study and live in. It has a huge student population and state-of-the art study facilities while maintaining a small-town vibe. In hindsight, choosing this Master’s programme was an investment in my personal development and, up to now, one of my best and life-changing choices."

    Tolias Kostas (Greece)

    MSc Graduate


  • Stepping stone into the world of finance

    Testimonial Krystina Popelkova

    "The Financial Management programme at Utrecht University is challenging, but it is a great stepping stone into the world of finance. If you are considering studying in this programme, prepare yourself for a heavy workload, a lot of reading, many assignments and group projects.

    But it is not just about studies; Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) has much more to offer. It is a great international community, so you will have an opportunity to meet a lot of people and make friends from all over the world.

    It is demanding, it is intense, but you will learn a lot during this year, while creating amazing memories."

    Kristýna Popelková (Czech Republic)

    MSc Graduate