Why in Utrecht

Why choose European Law at the University of Utrecht?

  • Our programme is based upon two pillars, the institutional and substantive law of the European Union and its relationship with national law.
  • The programme has a strong foundation in European law, combined with the ability to customise your programme of study and thereby focus on the areas of your personal interest.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of European law as well as master essential skills, such as legal argumentation and legal analysis.
  • The teaching method is based on the principle of "learning by doing", involving a broad, diverse range of classes, assignments and skills training.
  • The small-sized classes, give you more time to interact with your lecturers and fellow students.
  • Your training focuses on research and thesis writing skills from the beginning of the programme.
  • The programme offers excellent preparation for the job market through job market orientation days, guest lectures, alumni events, company visits, moot courts, meetings with judges at the European Court of Justice and promotion of internship opportunities.
  • The content focuses on topical issues such as economic law in the European Union, European social law, fundamental rights law and external relations of the European Union.
  • The Capita Selecta Modules provide for an excellent opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about more specific areas of EU Law. For example, EU Refugee Law, the Economic and Monetary Union and EU Agencies. You will get an opportunity to contribute to the debate on the contemporary trends and challenges by, for instance, creating your own blog.
  • You will go on a study trip to visit to European institutions in Brussels and Luxemburg, including the European Commission and European Court of Justice. In this way you discover where you could work in the future and you also get to know your fellow students better.
Structure and intensity are reasons to choose this programme

Our Staff

A renowned team of leading scholars, based at the Europa Institute, offers a wide range of expertise in many areas of European law. Courses on offer are based as much as possible on the individual research of our lecturers. Core lecturers of our programme include: 

  • Prof. mr. Linda Senden, Professor European Law at Utrecht University. She is a well-known expert on the institutional and constitutional dimension of EU law, with a specific interest in regulatory and enforcement aspects of the European integration process, in its interaction with the national legal orders. She advises the EU Commission on the issues of gender equality in the EU.
  • Prof. dr. Sybe de Vries, Professor European Law at Utrecht University. His research focuses on EU Single market law and the interconnection between EU free movement law and fundamental rights. He has led the famous bEUcitizen project for the EU Commission.  
  • Mr. dr. Ton van den Brink, Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. His expertise includes issues of European Constitutional Law, the national dimension of the European integration process and the legal aspects of the current economic crisis, including the EU banking union.
  • Dr. Tony Marguery, Assistant Professor European law at Utrecht University. His domain of expertise extends to all areas of European Law and in particular to European criminal law and Fundamental Rights.
  • Dr. Miroslava (Mira) Scholten, Assistant Professor European law at Utrecht University. In her research, she focuses on EU institutional and comparative constitutional and administrative law, including EU agencies, accountability and the new trend of enhancing EU direct enforcement power.
  • Dr. Salvatore Nicolosi, Assistant Professor in European and International law at Utrecht University. His research combines expertise in the domains of European law, international human rights law and international refugee law, with particular attention to the development of the Common European Asylum System. 
  • Mr. dr. Hanneke van Eijken, Assistant Professor European law and Post-Doctoral Researcher at Utrecht University. Her expertise includes EU citizenship and EU migration and asylum law.
  • Dr. Urszula Jaremba, Assistant Professor European law at Utrecht University. In her research she focusses on the application of EU law in Member States of the EU, judicial protection in the EU and the EU internal market.

What about tomorrow?

Law touches everything. It is in constant motion, changing even as it sets off changes in the world. Every day, lawyers are focused on discovering answers to completely new questions. Working with others, they are building tomorrow’s society today.

“What about tomorrow?” is the question that guides our teaching and research activities. The Utrecht University School of Law plays an active and significant role in innovative, multidimensional legal research that contributes to on-going solutions for important societal issues. Through challenging academic programmes, we train our students to become excellent lawyers who can take the lead in creating just societal changes.

A leading university

Established in 1636, the Utrecht University School of Law is one of the oldest and most beautiful law schools in the Netherlands. Today, our historic faculty buildings provide a supportive and inspiring work environment to around 500 lecturers and almost 4,000 students. Many of our alumni have gone on to hold prestigious positions with companies and institutions around the world.

Based on the internationally recognised Shanghai Ranking, Utrecht is ranked the best research university in the Netherlands in 2019. Utrecht University has been the best ranking Dutch university since the first ARWU ranking published in 2003. Utrecht University is ranked 13th in Europe and 49th worldwide. According to the World University Rankings 2019 by subject law, Utrecht University School of Law occupies the 33rd place.

Moreover, Utrecht University works closely with over 80 leading international universities and is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The LERU is an association of 22 leading, like-minded European research institutes, collaborating to influence European policy on research, education and innovation.

Nearly four centuries after the School of Law first opened its doors, we are proud that we are still able to maintain our strong reputation as a centre of excellence.

The perfect location

Utrecht is more than just a well-established classical university. It is a vibrant town where Dutch history, a cosmopolitan population and an active student network meet. Every year, students from all over the world come to Utrecht and have the experience of a lifetime. Why not join them?


Active Study Association

Utrecht University hosts a very active study association for international and European Law: Urios. This association has close connections to the master programs European Law and Public International Law, but all students interested in these fields of law are welcome. The activities Urios organises include social events, field trips, symposia, our annual Career Event, but also two study trips: one European and one international trip.