• Every discussion was filled with different perspectives and insightful ideas

    Completing the Master’s in European Law at Utrecht University was extremely rewarding. The programme presented a wide variety of courses to choose from while also touching on many relevant current and emerging areas of law. For example, my coursemates and I were able to choose between specialising in a field of EU Law or a Minor in a related topic, and were led through discussions in which law, economics, politics and international relations all played a role. In this way, the programme allowed us to explore the interplay between different areas of expertise, offering a customisable, dynamic experience that has prepared us to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities.

    What made this Master’s truly stand out for me, however, was being able to learn from leading legal experts who were always keen to involve us in open debates. At Utrecht University, lecturers genuinely encourage students to participate in discussions, fostering an environment where our personal views are valued and play a central role in the learning process. As a non-EU student, obtaining my degree proved challenging but also exceptionally gratifying. For one thing, it was an opportunity to explore a unique legal system in an atmosphere enriched by the contributions of students from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. A number of organised events and excursions, including a highly enjoyable visit to EU institutions and law firms in Brussels and Luxembourg, helped us to build long-lasting connections. Above all, it was fantastic being part of a supportive group that motivated and challenged one another, and for whom every discussion was filled with different perspectives and insightful ideas. I truly enjoyed this programme and highly recommend it to any student who is not only eager to learn about EU Law in depth, but also to broaden their experience – both personally and professionally.

    Leticia Chahin Caropreso (Brazil)
    LLM European Law 

  • The dedicated team of professors care about their students’ development

    I would wholeheartedly recommend the Master’s programme in European Law at Utrecht University to anyone who is serious about learning about the European Union. I chose to study European Law over other programmes focusing on public international law or competition law, because EU law is the most sophisticated legal doctrine of international economic, social, and political integration. The important dynamics and principles encountered in competition law and internal market law are also directly relevant to understanding international trade or regulating international business. Furthermore, EU constitutional law requires you to think about political philosophy, democracy and human rights; it not only teaches you a legal specialism but also offers you an insight into one of the most daring (and arguably successful) political projects of our time.

    The programme at Utrecht University ensures that you first receive a solid foundation in this important legal field before specialising. As the first four core courses are complementary to each other, they create useful synergies whereby things you learn in one subject are directly relevant to cases in other areas. There is then ample space to specialise in the second half of the year. As the academic interests of the staff range from immigration law to blockchain, and from competition law to eurozone governance, so do the topics of the Capita Selecta and the choice of subjects to select from for your thesis. This is made possible by a dedicated team of professors who care about their students’ development and do not shy away from legal and political discussions inside and outside the classroom. They help to build a rich community of students from all over Europe, and foster diversity by enabling them to offer their own perspectives on EU law. This is particularly important as EU law needs to accommodate nearly 30 different jurisdictions.

    Roemer Sijmons (The Netherlands)
    LLM European Law

  • Now I have a solid educational background that will support my professional choices

    European Law Master's Programme in Utrecht University offered exactly what I hoped for. The wide range of courses was the decisive factor since I was aiming for a well-rounded knowledge of European Law. The fact that the Master’s programme has such a high ranking nation- and worldwide was a considerable plus. My studies at Utrecht University met my expectations and confirmed my choice. The high level of teaching, the intensity of the programme and the methods used, offered me a wide and yet deep knowledge of many different aspects of EU Law. The international environment of the programme broadened my horizon. E.g. the student trip to the EU Institutions was a lifetime experience. What I appreciate the most is that we were motivated to pursue the best possible performance from ourselves by our teachers who were always there to advise and guide us. I feel that I now have a solid educational background that will support my professional choices.   

    Elissavet Karampatzaki (Greece)
    LLM European Law

  • The open and supportive attitude of lecturers is one of the points that make this LLM programme stand out

    Bjorn Kleizen

    The Master’s programme European Law at Utrecht University provides its students an excellent opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the workings of the European Union and its laws, policies and activities. A motivated and international student group, combined with lectures by prominent EU law scholars and guest speakers provides for a stimulating study environment.

    Students are given the choice to specialize in specific subjects or to receive a more general training in EU law through the liberal specialization options. Moreover, the freedom to select an elective course on top of your specialization allows you to either delve deeper in EU law, or complement your knowledge of the European system with a course from another LLM programme. As such, the programme provides excellent opportunities for all students who are interested in European law while still providing the option to focus your studies on a more specific topic. The courses of the programme excellently prepare students for futures as lawyers, policy-makers and academic researchers.

    The open and supportive attitude of lecturers is one of the points that make this LLM programme stand out. Lecturers do not only stimulate you to analyze EU law yourself, they welcome you to discuss your views with them and are very accessible and supportive when a student requires help or supervision. This supportive attitude extends to the thesis-writing process, in which they provide excellent guidance while giving you the freedom to write your thesis on a topic you find interesting and in a manner you find attractive.

    In sum, the programme provides interesting subjects for every student interested in EU law, has a high quality standard and retains a high level of accessibility. 

    Bjorn Kleizen (The Netherlands) 
    LLM European Law