• The open and supportive attitude of lecturers is one of the points that make this LLM programme stand out

    Bjorn Kleizen

    The master’s programme European Law at Utrecht University provides its students an excellent opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the workings of the European Union and its laws, policies and activities. A motivated and international student group, combined with lectures by prominent EU law scholars and guest speakers provides for a stimulating study environment.

    Students are given the choice to specialize in specific subjects or to receive a more general training in EU law through the liberal specialization options. Moreover, the freedom to select an elective course on top of your specialization allows you to either delve deeper in EU law, or complement your knowledge of the European system with a course from another LLM programme. As such, the programme provides excellent opportunities for all students who are interested in European law while still providing the option to focus your studies on a more specific topic. The courses of the programme excellently prepare students for futures as lawyers, policy-makers and academic researchers.

    The open and supportive attitude of lecturers is one of the points that make this LLM programme stand out. Lecturers do not only stimulate you to analyze EU law yourself, they welcome you to discuss your views with them and are very accessible and supportive when a student requires help or supervision. This supportive attitude extends to the thesis-writing process, in which they provide excellent guidance while giving you the freedom to write your thesis on a topic you find interesting and in a manner you find attractive.

    In sum, the programme provides interesting subjects for every student interested in EU law, has a high quality standard and retains a high level of accessibility. 

    Bjorn Kleizen (The Netherlands) 
    LLM European Law

  • Now I have a solid educational background that will support my professional choices

    European Law Master's Programme in Utrecht University offered exactly what I hoped for. The wide range of courses was the decisive factor since I was aiming for a well-rounded knowledge of European Law. The fact that the Master’s programme has such a high ranking nation- and worldwide was a considerable plus. My studies at Utrecht University met my expectations and confirmed my choice. The high level of teaching, the intensity of the programme and the methods used, offered me a wide and yet deep knowledge of many different aspects of EU Law. The international environment of the programme broadened my horizon. E.g. the student trip to the EU Institutions was a lifetime experience. What I appreciate the most is that we were motivated to pursue the best possible performance from ourselves by our teachers who were always there to advise and guide us. I feel that I now have a solid educational background that will support my professional choices.   

    Elissavet Karampatzaki (Greece)
    LLM European Law

  • The students form a close-knit group

    For me, the master in European Law has opened a very interesting academic field, in which politics, history, and conceptual thinking as well as technical legal issues all come together. Moreover, it has been a chance to learn from other legal cultures because, in this programme, there are students from all over the world. Additional activities such as the Masterclass or the European Law Moot Court, in which I participated, allow for additional challenges.

    The main focus of the programme is to develop your academic skills, but also the additional activities can connect you with future employers. There are often guest lectures from experts in the field. The study trip abroad is often used as occasion to find an internship or job in Brussels or Luxembourg. Since European Law covers various legal areas, there is a diversity of  jobs for students to look for. For example, they can become a researcher, a trainee in Brussels, or work for their national government.

    During the programme, I particularly valued the open debate that is stimulated by teachers and students. During the courses, you will be encouraged both to understand the law and to explore future developments. The relationship with the teachers is rather informal. In my experience, teachers are very willing to receive input about the structure of the courses, which makes you feel involved in the programme. Finally, the students form a close-knit group.

    Willem Both (The Netherlands)
    LLM European Law