Career Prospects

Visit to the EU

Towards a professional career

Even before you graduate, the LLM in European Law gives you a good introduction to professional practice through moot courts, visits to major European organisations, and the chance to speak with top-ranking professional lawyers. As a result, you will be well prepared for a legal career either in your home country or internationally.
In previous years, graduates from this LLM have gone on to do well in a range of areas including:

  • corporate and private law practice;
  • national public service as a diplomat or civil servant;
  • legal or policy analysis with governments, international political organisations, and NGOs; and
  • academic or legal research.

After finishing your study, you can work:

  • as a legal assistant in many different areas of national government including local authorities, executive, and supervisory bodies that deal with European issues and must implement or monitor compliance with European law, in European organisations, and non-governmental organisations;
  • as an lawyer with large, transnational law firms, in the legal departments of corporations, or in other organisations that are affected by the workings of European law; and
  • in professional legal practice in local national or EU member state courts in the broadest sense, given the impact of European law on the national legal system; 

Alumni stories

Curious about the jobs our alumni got? Browse the LinkedIn profiles of some of our graduates in European Law.

Towards an academic career

On average, Utrecht University School of Law has 40 PhD students who are working under the supervision of a professor towards the title ‘Doctor of Law’. A PhD programme typically takes four years, during which you will produce and submit a thesis. We also encourage you to establish yourself as a researcher during this time by publishing articles related to your research and contributing to seminars and conferences. We have an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching and our academics are at the cutting edge of scholarship. If you wish to find out more about studying our 2-year LLM Master's programme Legal Research, or openings for paid PhD positions, please go to vacancies