Why in Utrecht

In our European Governance programme, you will:

  • Obtain two Master's degrees from highly reputed universities.
  • Become a trained professional with the skills to apply theory to real-life challenges.
  • Analyse issues of European governance from different angles, involving economics, law, and public administration.
  • Study in two different cities and countries, where you will have a unique opportunity to see various levels of government at work in two different contexts.
  • Write a final thesis and do an internship within an organisation that deals with issues of European governance.

Participating Universities

Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Masaryk University focusses on interdisciplinary, multi-level sociopolitical and socioeconomic processes. Living and studying in a Central European country not long after a period of profound democratic, economic and societal transformation offers you first-hand insight into issues facing still-developing countries. Part of the Brno programme features courses offered by the Department of International Relations and European Studies in the framework of the Master in European Politics programme. You may take English-taught courses offered by other departments as optional courses.

University of Konstanz (Konstanz, Germany)

At the University of Konstanz, you will take courses at the Department of Politics and Public Administration – one of the top three faculties in Political Science in Germany – within a university that has a distinguished reputation for excellence in research. This option within the Master’s double degree programme provides you with analytical skills in the fields of both Political Science and Management Science. The content places special emphasis on policy analysis, public administration, international organisation, management of change, organisational development, and the management of conflict and peace. The programme offers you comprehensive and theoretically grounded academic knowledge, methodological skills and applied expertise, which will allow you to pursue a variety of rewarding careers.

University College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

University College Dublin is ranked in the Top 100 universities in the world for Law, and for Politics & International Relations according to QS World University Rankings by subject. Studying Law and Governance of the EU with UCD Sutherland School of Law, you will acquire legal insight into questions of European governance, exploring law as a framing and constraining device. Studying EU governance and institutions with UCD School of Politics and International Relations, you will analyse the EU as an actor from a global perspective paying close attention to political economy questions. You choose from an extensive list of advanced optional courses, several of which are interdisciplinary such as Environmental Law and Policy, and International Human Rights.

Utrecht University (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University offers you an unique combination of teaching and research in its three fields. The School of Law, with its long-established Europa Institute, has a strong tradition in European law. Our European law researchers examine how laws interweave and mutually influence each other. They combine bottom-up, top-down and horizontal approaches to examine how the individual countries view their effect on European law, observing this from within the countries concerned. The School of Economics takes a multidisciplinary economic approach, providing you with a practical and policy-related orientation emphasising the institutional, historical and spatial aspects of economic issues. Research here focuses on welfare states and market regulation. The School of Governance is heavily involved in multidisciplinary research as well, integrating the study of the EU into the broader thematic concerns of political science, public administration and organisational studies such as public accountability, administrative organisation and public policy-making.

A leading university

The Shanghai Ranking ranks Utrecht University as 1st in the Netherlands, 15th in Europe and 52nd in the world. If you want to know more about Utrecht University in the rankings? Have a look over here.

The perfect location

Utrecht is more than just a well-established classical university - it is a vibrant town where Dutch history, a cosmopolitan population, and an active student network meet. Every year, students from all over the world come to Utrecht and have the experience of a lifetime. Why not join them!