Study Programme

Year 1 of the programme is spent either at Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), University of Konstanz (Germany) or University College Dublin (Ireland). Each university brings its specific colour to the double-degree programme, thanks to their different locations within Europe and the different specialisations they offer. Masaryk University has particular expertise in the sociopolitical aspects of European governance and the transformation of Central and Eastern Europe since the late 1980s. The University of Konstanz has a strong research tradition in international relations and European integration, and places special emphasis on statistical research methods. University College Dublin offers a multidisciplinary programme with particular strenghts in law, governance and political economy.

Year 2 is taken by all students together at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). The University focuses on an interdisciplinary study of European governance, using the combined insights of law, economics, public administration and organisational science. Download the fullcourse schedule of year 2 and go to the courses webpage to find more detailed information on the content. 

In the final semester, all students write a thesis as part of a research internship within an organisation that deals with issues of European governance. This can be an EU organisation in Brussels or an organisation working at the national, regional or local level.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Assignments and case studies
  • Papers and presentations
  • Research thesis as part of a research internship.

Group size

You will be working in a group of max. 30 students.

Examination Methods

  • Papers
  • Presentations
  • Written exams
  • Research thesis and public defence