Career Prospects

The unique combination of expertise within the participating universities’ faculties offers an exciting opportunity in this challenging international Master’s programme. It provides you with sound academic training that will prepare you for professional positions in a range of organisations:

  • Local, regional and national governments, which are increasingly working in a European context.
  • EU institutions, such as the European Commission and EU agencies.
  • Other international organisations working in Europe.
  • Non-profit organisations that are confronted with issues of European governance.
  • Businesses whose regulatory environment is largely shaped by processes of European governance.
  • Consultancy firms.

Towards a professional career

Graduates of the programme typically acquire academic-level jobs in private organisations or organisations with a public function, working in positions such as policy advisor, consultant, researcher or manager at a research or consultancy organization:

Policy advisor at a national ministry, government agency or EU institution

As a policy advisor, you will develop and/or implement policies. This requires analysing policy problems, talking to stakeholders and politicians, and coming up with effective and feasible solutions.

Lobbyist for an EU-level interest group

Lobby groups try to influence EU decision-making, representing their membership or mission. As a lobbyist, you will gather information on new developments, talk to decision-makers at the European and national levels and discuss strategy with the members of your organisation.


As a consultant, you will work with clients to help them understand and solve issues they are facing.

Alumni Stories

Curious about the jobs our alumni got? Browse the LinkedIn profiles of some of our graduates in European Governance.