Academic Careers 

A significant proportion of Environmental Biology Master’s students continue on to PhD studies. Utrecht University provides ample opportunities for PhD research, such as the PhD programme in Environmental Biology. However, there are also excellent opportunities to perform your PhD research elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad. 

Professional Careers 

Graduates that do not choose to follow a PhD programme can find employment in research institutes, such as RIVM, TNO, KNAW-NIOO, NIOZ, Plant Research International, in environmental consultancy firms, such as Arcadis, Royal Haskoning, Tauw Milieu, or Witteveen en Bos, or in or private or government nature protection or restoration organisations, such as World Wildlife Foundation, Natuurmonumenten, Wetlands International, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, provincial water boards, or ministries and provincial authorities.

Students with a Behavioural Ecology background may find employment at Zoo's (e.g. Arnhem, Antwerp, Vogelpark Waldroden), Stichting AAP, or Noldus.

Students may also choose to follow a career in industry, such as the plant breeding companies Monsanto, ENZA Seeds, Rijk Zwaan, Nunhems Seeds, Syngenta, Nickerson Zwaan, or BEJO Seeds, or at biotechnology companies, such as DSM, Genetwister or Keygene.

In this Master’s programme, you learn to think from an organisational point of view and to connect that with your scientific knowledge.

International students

Learning Dutch

If you want to find a job or internship in the Netherlands, knowing Dutch will get you places. Even if you work within an international organisation, knowing at least some Dutch is always a benefit and in some cases even a requirement. In order to learn Dutch, free language websites such as duolingo.com or dutchgrammar.com can get you started or take a look at the Dutch courses offered by Babel. As a student from Utrecht University you receive a 25% discount on their course offerings.

After graduation

If you want to stay in the Netherlands after your graduation, you can apply for the ‘residence permit orientation year’. This permit can be submitted within 3 years after completing your studies and allows you unlimited working rights (hence: a work permit –TWV- is not required). For an overview of the conditions that apply for this permit, please visit the IND website.