• "Green and game changing"

    Alumna Esther Eggink

    "During my bachelor Science and Innovation Management my perception of the topic energy changed from "grey and boring" to "green and game changing". The master Energy Science not only confirmed this view but actually showed the relevance of the transition towards renewable energy. I learned about the possibilities of the energy transition as well as the challenges. During the consultancy project, my internship and my thesis I could actually apply my gained knowledge and experienced the importance to the business world. The most valuable thing I got from this master is that it enabled me to create a vision for a sustainable future and to act on it."

  • "An overview of important issues in the field and the basic knowledge of how to address them"

    Alumna Oreane Edelenbosch

    "The Energy Science master programme covers a broad field of topics related to energy, starting with courses which address energy production technologies, system modelling, sustainability concerns and energy economics. This gives an overview of important issues in the field and the basic knowledge of how to address them. From there as a student you get the opportunity to choose in which direction you would like to specialise. In my case I choose to dive deeper in solar cell technology, following first a few courses at the University of Utrecht, and continuing my thesis at the Imperial college London on Luminescent Solar Concentrators. Currently I am working at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency on global energy demand development in the context of climate change."

  • "Bridging the gap between science and society"

    "Bridging the gap between science and society was for me, as an idealistic young woman with a beta brain, the reason why Energy Science was the ideal study. The Natural Science track enabled me to strengthen my analytical abilities, while it also challenged me to muse about applying complex formulas into the bigger picture of the real world. My master thesis was a laboratory research, in collaboration with Wageningen University, concerning biological conversion of CO2 and electricity into methane, using Microbial Electrolysis Cells. With this technique electrical power is transformed into gas, being an ideal method to store electricity derived from renewable energy sources, and at the same time tackling fluctuation problems in the electricity grid. The field of Energy Science is changing rapidly worldwide. It is thriving and challenging, and that is why I love it!"