Career Prospects

Reflecting, transferring seen movements into words. The programme provided me with a set of skills that help me contribute to the art field every day
Charlot van der Meer, alumna

Graduates of the Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy have gone on to work as:

  • theatre or dance dramaturge
  • theatre or dance critic
  • dramaturgy instructor
  • researcher
  • public officials for cultural affairs
  • employees at training centres for the arts
  • director of cultural programmes on radio, television or internet platforms
  • curators, organisers and programmers of theatre or dance festivals
  • public relations or education employee with theatre or dance companies or performing arts houses

Many of our international students use their knowledge and skills to become a dramaturge, writer, artistic advisor, or organizer of performance events in their homeland, or to start up platforms for the exchange of artistic knowledge. 

Professional careers

Curious about the jobs our alumni found? Check out the LinkedIn profiles of Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar and Jeroen van Wijhe: 

Other programme alumni have also obtained jobs which required an expertise in theatre studies:

Academic careers

This MA programme does not directly prepare students for PhD studies, but occasionally, a student begins a PhD project after finishing this programme. If you wish to pursue an academic career, you might be interested in our Master’s programme in Media, Art and Performance Studies.

Facts and figures

A rough inventory of our alumni’s careers indicates that about 20% of our students find a job immediately after graduation; about 50% find a job within a year; and about 75 % within 2 years.

More examples of where students found job positions after graduation:

Dries Verhoeven | Nicole Beutler | ICK Amsterdam | Waag Society | The Hague City Theatre | ArtEZ School of the Arts Arnhem / Master of Choreography | TM/Theaterkrant | Cinedans | Amsterdam Fringe Festival | Grand Theatre Groningen | Theater Kikker Utrecht | Chassé Theater Breda | Spring Performing Arts Festival Utrecht