Rebecca Samuel, alumna Klinische kinder- en jeugdpsychologie

    "I always wanted to be a pediatrician, but the study programme takes so long, and in the end, it was always the psychological aspect of children with disorders that really fascinated me. I wanted to examine and study the underlying reasons for problems. So my first step was the Psychology Bachelor’s programme, with a focus on Child- and Youth Psychology, and then the Master’s in Clinical Child- and Adolescent Psychology. 

    I chose for Utrecht because the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University has several very good lecturers. The Psychology department, especially, has an excellent international reputation. But I also thought Utrecht was just a fun city.

    In the Master’s programme, you go deeper into all of the different psychological disorders, and the course Applied Developmental Psychology was especially interesting. The theory in that course was really applicable to my internship, so I could combine the two very well. I did my internship at Orthopedagogen Psychologen Praktijk Utrecht, where I diagnosed children ages 6 to 18 with all sorts of problems, and gave recommendations for treatment. One of the things I noticed was that ADHD is expressed differently in boys than in girls.

    In September, I earned my degree and I got married. Those were two exciting experiences combined in a single month. Today, I work as a freelancer at my old internship practice. At this point in my career, it is more interesting to work in a medium-sized practice than to work in a large hospital or institution. In the future, I would like to be able to treat patients and to work with children who suffer from multiple disorders. So I’m going to enrol in a health care study programme and the clinical psychologist curriculum."

    - Rebecca Samuel, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology alumna