Once you have completed the Master’s programme, you will be able to work in the professional field at an academic level. This may include supervising and treating children and young people, but may also include developing policy. Alternatively, you could choose to continue your studies and earn a registration.

Potential careers include:

  • clinical child- and adolescent psychologist
  • policy consultant

Potential employers include:

  • municipal mental health or youth care institutions
  • educational institution or school supervision service
  • municipal or provincial organisations

What does the work entail?

You may find work in the fields of diagnostics or mental health care, but you may also find a position as a consultant or policy assistant. Supporting quality of life and encouraging a healthy mental development are increasingly important areas of activity as well.


In order to be able to work as an independent psychologist, you will usually need a post-graduate education as a Clinical Psychologist or a Child- and Youth Psychologist NIP. The professional association The Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) issues guidelines for these certifications.

NIP Basic Psychodiagnostics Registration (BAPD)
Depending on your prior education, you may be able to complete the requirements for the NIP’s Basic Psychodiagnostics Registration (BAPD) as part of the Master’s programme. In order to be considered for registration, you must acquire sufficient experience with psychodiagnostics during your internship. This means that during the internship, you must accumulate at least 200 hours of diagnostics experience, and you must provide three case studies of diagnostics you have performed in the internship report.

Clinical Psychologist
If you hope to start a career in health care (psychiatry, RIAGG/GGZ, hospitals or youth care), this Master’s programme prepares you for admission to the Clinical Psychologist professional study programme. In order to be eligible, you must have had sufficient diagnostics and treatment contacts with clients and client systems during your internship. 

NIP Child- and Youth Psychologist registration and the post-graduate School Psychologist study programme
The Master’s programme satisfies the prerequisites for the certification programmes NIP Child- and Adolescent Psychologist registration (in Dutch) and the post-graduate School Psychologist study programme.

After being registered as a certified psychologist, you will be able to enroll in the Clinical Psychologist (in Dutch) study programme.