Why in Utrecht

Largest science faculty in the Netherlands

Utrecht University’s Faculty of Science is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, and the IMAU is one of an elite few research institutes addressing all components of the climate system – atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere, and biosphere – plus their interactions. Our researchers study the system from a fundamental point of view, focusing on describing as well as understanding the physical processes at the heart of observed phenomena.

Collaboration with Buys Ballot Research School

Our Climate Physics Master’s degree programme is closely integrated with the PhD programme of the Buys Ballot Research School (BBOS), also led by IMAU. This relationship results in a challenging, collegial, and informal environment in which students and staff develop strong connections. The facilities include state-of-the-art atmospheric chemistry and physics labs, and students have the option to participate in a sea-going scientific expedition or spend a semester abroad as part of their research programme. 

International environment

Utrecht’s highly regarded Climate Physics programme attracts numerous students and researchers from abroad. Between 2007 and 2013, nearly a quarter of our programme participants were international students. This helps all of our students gain a unique understanding of climatology through the combination of in-depth scientific research with an international point-of-view.

With the knowledge and skills I acquired from my Master’s programme, coupled with the strong reputation of Utrecht University, I feel very optimistic about my future career prospects.

World-class University

Choosing Utrecht University means choosing one of the best universities in the country. Several renowned international rankings place Utrecht University among the 100 best universities in the world. The teaching environment at Utrecht University is international: half of the Utrecht Master's programmes are taught in English. The existing and former academic staff of Utrecht University include twelve Nobel Prize laureates.

City of Utrecht

The University is situated in Utrecht, aa lively student city located in the heart of the Netherlands, and an ideal gateway to Europe - only a few hours away from cities like Paris, Brussels or Berlin. An inspiring city which nurtures talent and creativity.