Career Prospects

The Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology programme aims to prepare students for PhD study in one of the participating or associated groups. Alternatively, students leaving after obtaining their MSc degree will profit from a solid education in molecular genetics, in addition to their specialised knowledge of developmental biology.

Possible prospects

MSc graduates trained in both fundamental and disease-oriented aspects of biomedical genetics are in great demand. They will find their way to:

  • academic research
  • research institutes (fundamental research)
  • biotechnology
  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • policy-making organisations in science and health care
  • education

Academic careers

By the end of their Master’s programme, the majority of our students already have secured a PhD position within the Research School of Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology or elsewhere in Utrecht, the Netherlands, or abroad. Even of the foreign students (about 30% of our students are non-Dutch), the majority tend to stay on in Utrecht to continue their studies in PhD positions.