Read what current and former students say about their study choice and experiences with the programme.



  • "It was in this course that I thought this is indeed the right place for me"

    Oka Arntzen UU

    During my bachelor I already found out about the master Business Informatics. I heard some nice stories from friends who studied BI, who told me that the program was really flexible (which I find an important plus) and that it comes with good job opportunities. Most of my friends got a job right after finishing their studies, so I thought that BI could be a good option for me as well. I knew I wanted something related to business, so I attended the Master's information evening to explore my options. After that I decided for BI since I was clear to me that the combination of computer science (which I studied in my bachelor) and business would broaden my knowledge and I would get the chance to apply my technical skills to a business context.

    The programme is indeed very flexible. You can choose to do any course from the Information Science department; and you can also expand your programme by doing courses from any other faculty at the university. One of the subjects I found particularly interesting was Method Engineering. This course lays the foundations of how you can approach problems. Basically you have a problem and you have to see what kind of method or what kind of procedures you want to use to work it out and solve it. And that’s something that really interests me: goal driven work. It was in this course when I thought “yeah, this is the right place for me, this is something I really like to do”.

    There are a lot of job opportunities in this area and I already had the chance to try some of them. Last year, for example, I worked at a company which was an eye opening experience. It gives you the feeling of seeing how everything works and how it is to be a grown up. I still have to finish my courses and write my thesis but I know I will have many job offers. I still have to decide what is my cup of tea because there are so many options: big companies, small companies, international or Dutch. The list is endless, I like my odds for the future.

    Oka Arntzen, student


  • "Most of the projects and assignments we do, are done within real companies"

    Baharak Bakhtiari UU

    I applied for the Business Informatics Master’s as I wanted to develop myself in information science. I had experience in the entrepreneurial field but lacked technical knowledge, that’s what led me to this Master’s.

    I initially applied without any expectation of success, as I thought the university and the programme were too good and I would have minimum chances with my background. But I decided to give it a try and got in!

    When I started the programme, I asked our programme coordinator for advice regarding my different background. The professors and coordinators are really helpful, all you need to do is to communicate that you need help.

    I am in the second year of my Master’s degree now. Most of the projects and assignments we do, are done within real companies, which is always a great experience.  I also like the guest lectures from leading companies, which are not only interesting but also descriptive in terms that it shows us what we will be doing in our Master thesis and/or in professional life. The best part of the programme for me however are the elective courses, as it allows you to choose what you would like to learn most. I am currently taking courses in the entrepreneurial field to become an ICT entrepreneur.

    Baharak Bakhtiari, student


  • "I became interested in the business oriented domain of information science."

    David Lautenschutz

    Hello, my name is David Lautenschutz and currently I am in my second year of the Business Informatics programme at Utrecht University. My initial plan was to study a more human-computer interaction oriented programme, but after visiting the information evening I became more interested in the business oriented domain of information science. Eventually, I decided to enroll for this programme, and I have no regret doing so.

    My personal interests involve subjects like Enterprise Architecture, Software Product Management and ICT Advisory. The Business Informatics programme has a wide choice of subjects available with a professional and interesting atmosphere, while also keeping the lectures informal, entertaining and personal. This allows me to follow my own interests while still learning high quality skills in a friendly environment. Most courses have a project in small teams which you can tune to your own interests. It is interesting to see how the same assignment can then turn out in a totally different end result, which is very educational. My thesis focuses on the domain of Requirements Engineering, a very important subject for companies tuning information systems to their own needs.

    David Lautenschutz, alumnus