Extracurricular Opportunities

Add flavour to your Master’s programme

Honours programmes:


Double Degree honours programmes in 3 years (180 EC)

Are you interested in more than just one of our Master’s programme? Do you want to look across the boundary of your programme and combine it with another? Are you an excellent student and looking for an extra challenge? In this Honours programme you effectively take two Master’s programmes within the Graduate School of Natural Sciences at the same time.
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First-year Master’s students of the Utrecht University Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GS-NS) or Life Sciences (GS-LS) can enroll in the QBio honours programme while continuing their Master’s programme.

Business Informatics Extracurricular opportunities

Young innovators

Are you curious, entrepreneurial, intellectually versatile, socially responsible? Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme, and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries to both research and actively (co-)create innovative initiatives that will make the world a slightly better place? Then the Young Innovators honoursprogramme (15 EC) might be of interest to you!

Graduate honours interdisciplinary seminars

Are you an ambitious Master’s student looking for an intellectual challenge? Then apply to join our Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars!

This is a series of small-scale seminars, three to four meetings each, about the focus areas of research at Utrecht University. The topics will be diverse; ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability, to trends in youth culture and the philosophy of science. The seminars are hosted by distinguished researchers. Through close discussions with these researchers, you will get a better understanding of what it means to carry out interdisciplinary research, what obstacles researchers face, how to create a good research set-up and how to communicate about it with researchers from other disciplines as well as laymen.

The programme takes one year (7.5 EC). Would you like to know more about this programme? Read more about the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars.

Study Abroad

We encourage you to participate in an international experience through an exchange programme. You can discuss your interest for such experiences with UU’s International Office and the MBI programme coordinator.

You may take courses at other universities in Europe, such as Lund University in Sweden, or at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The Master’s in Business Informatics is a participant in the European Network of Business Informatics.

Besides taking courses at another university, you can also conduct your Master’s thesis abroad. The lecturers and professors in the O&I and BPM&A groups have many international contacts to make such an exchange possible.

Student Assistants

Teaching Assistentship - We are always looking for competent students to support our teaching activities. Students are employed by the university to support the teaching staff in course organisation, workshop leadership, tool development, etc. Doing a teaching assistantship is a great way to get more familiar with the staff, the course material, and an important addition to your resume.

Research Assistentship - The research assistantship enables you and the associated professor(s) to explore new avenues of research, develop prototypes and models, and write research proposals together. Research assistants typically help in collecting data, doing preliminary literature studies, and building prototype tools for proofs of concepts. The research assistantship is a great way to explore a career in research.