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Utrecht University school of economics: THE REAL WORLD PERSPECTIVE

The statement ‘the real-world perspective’ summarises succinctly Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.’s) mission. It indicates a strong awareness of the complex socio-economic reality: human behaviour is not always ‘rational’ and markets are not always in equilibrium. Institutions are important in understanding economic dynamics and so are the dimensions of time and space. The real world perspective leads to a multidisciplinary-economics approach, a research profile that favours crossing borders between academic disciplines, but also – within the economics discipline – between economics and business. U.S.E. aims to contribute to a society where people thrive, by taking a broad view on welfare and all factors involved. Well-being, cooperation, innovation and curiosity are the core values in the academic profile of U.S.E. 


Want to be an entrepreneur, work with entrepreneurs, or pursue entrepreneurial activities for your future employer? This Master’s programme is based on Utrecht University’s world class research in the domains of entrepreneurship and innovation, business strategy and its links with policy practices. U.S.E. staff members also operate in the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship, the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative and various local and international networks. A strong interaction with the market is especially important for this Master, so several incubators from Utrecht (such as Holland Startup and UtrechtInc) have contributed to the design and implementation of the programme.

In the MSc Business Development and Entrepreneurship programme in Utrecht you will:

  • Focus on high impact new ventures

    The programme focuses on how opportunities for new ventures can be identified, evaluated and successfully pursued. Why do some new ventures have high impact on business and society, and why do most new ventures never become sustainable are key questions to be solved from both an academic and practical point of view. You will acquire new knowledge on high impact new ventures by working with a combination of theory and case studies, as well as working with real-world data obtained from different companies and markets. You will also build links with professional organisations and refine your research and analytical skills.

  • Experience the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach

    New business development is a process that requires insights from multiple disciplines – you can’t think ‘out of the box’ if you are focused on just one discipline. This programme provides you with a strong Economics foundation for this process, but also connects this to insights from other relevant disciplines such as sociology, geography, psychology, and innovation studies. This also equips you in addressing  societal challenges through developing new ventures, as there are often multiple perspectives that come to the fore when doing so.

  • Focus on entrepreneurship in education

    U.S.E. and the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship have become key players in the creation and provision of courses in the domain of business development and entrepreneurship. Our view is that mastering an entrepreneurial approach will be key to any future career. Throughout the year, you will participate in a variety of class settings, varying from lectures, seminars & workshops (max 50 students), tutorials (max 25 students) and project teams (max 5 students).

  • Participate in a dynamic, international community

    Besides a narrow focus on topics related to Business Development and Entrepreneurship, you will receive a broader orientation through a selection of generic courses.The variation in class settings encourages close interaction between you, your peers, and your professors and lecturers in this highly international programme. Guest lectures from experts in the field, business challenges brought in by entrepreneurs, workshops aimed at the development of your professional skills and the option to focus your thesis on research questions proposed by new and established organizations provide you with interesting and challenging opportunities to prepare for your future career. Finally, you will be part of a very active student community, with access to a much larger university environment with international students, researchers and lecturers  from all over the world.

A wide range of opportunities and high-quality small scale education.
David Fraydl, MScGraduate Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Utrecht University in the rankings

As a student at Utrecht University (UU), you will be studying at one of the world's top universities. The Shanghai Ranking places UU as the top university in the Netherlands, 13th in Europe, and 49th in the world. The Times Higher Education World University Ranking places UU at number 74. More information about Utrecht University.

Top-quality facilities

The Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) is located on the attractive grounds of the International Campus Utrecht. The campus is approximately ten minutes by bicycle from Utrecht’s beautiful historic city centre and is very close to Utrecht Science Park, our main campus. You will have access to a wide range of high-quality facilities such as Wi-Fi, cross-campus library access, and online access to academic books, journals, and databases. More information about student facilities. More information about student facilities.

Active study association

The Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) is also home to an active study association: ECU ’92. This association is a meeting ground for economics students of all nationalities and specialties. Representatives from ECU’92 are found on most Faculty boards, and the society plays an important role at U.S.E. in ensuring that your voice is heard. ECU’92 is also responsible for organising a range of student activities, from social gatherings to field trips and guest lectures, and every year, the study association hosts an annual career event and scientific conference, where you can speak with – and get noticed by – representatives from many major international companies.