Extracurricular Opportunities

U.S.E. Academy

As a U.S.E. Master’s student you have the opportunity to attend lectures of fascinating and inspiring people, like CEO’s from large companies, scholars on issues of general interest or politicians on the economic challenges Europe faces today. In the past the U.S.E. Academy has featured guest lectures by, amongst others: Henk Jan Beltman, CCO Tony’s Chocolonely; Herman Wijffels, Chairman Utrecht Sustainable Finance Lab; and Panicos Demetriades, former Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus. Please have a look at the agenda for upcoming events.

Young Innovators

Are you curious, entrepreneurial, intellectually versatile, socially responsible? Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme, and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries to both research and actively (co-)create innovative initiatives that will make the world a little bit  better? Then the Young Innovators honours programme (15 ECTS) might be of interest to you!

Three core areas of research and innovation

The honours programme will focus on exploring and designing innovations in three areas:

  • Sustainable innovations in health
  • Sustainable innovations in the economy
  • Sustainable innovations in urban living

More information on the Young Innovators.

Utrecht University Business Course

Are you inspired and energised by solving complex problems? Do you want to develop your business skills and to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur? Then the extracurricular Utrecht University Business Course (UUBC) is the honours programme for you! The course is aimed at Master’s students from all disciplines studying at Utrecht University.

The Utrecht University Business Course is a 12-week Master’s honours programme where 30 of Utrecht University’s best students will learn and improve their business skills. During the programme you will participate in workshops, work on projects within a multidisciplinary team of students and network with professors, experts, consultants and entrepreneurs.

The programme

The UUBC kicks off in February with an introductory weekend. You will receive professional training and form a team with which you will be working on assignments and projects throughout the course. The programme consists of 3 main elements:

  • Pressure Cooker: valorise a business concept during a 2-week challenge
  • Business Analysis & Consultancy: acquire business analytical skills and build a solution for a current problem of an existing company
  • Entrepreneurship: step into the shoes of an entrepreneur by developing your own idea while being supported and coached by professionals

Each segment of the programme ends with a team or individual presentation in front of a jury, with a grand finale held in the Academic Building at the end of the programme.

For more information, please go to the website www.uubc.nl.