Career Prospects

In the past three decades, most large corporations have been shrinking. Many of them have outsourced a substantial part of their employment to other countries, often outside of Europe. Strong employment numbers in developed economies come largely from new, fast growing companies with an agile and entrepreneurial approach. These companies demand different skills, knowledge and mindsets from their employees than in the old hierarchical environment of business. And increasingly ambitious, young professionals are self-employed, launching their own entrepreneurial businesses.

Positions by graduates of this programme could include:

  • Entrepreneur, often in a team.
  • Business Developer, often within a fast growing corporation or business unit, but possibly also in the public-private context of incubators.
  • Marketeer,  often focused on the launch of new products and services (with research skills  for this purpose).
  • Venture Finance Analyst, as the review of business plans within financial corporations grows more important each day.

Alumni stories

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