Career Development

As a graduate of this Master’s your focus is on the interaction between innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of (new) business. You have a clear understanding of the importance of fostering new ventures in creating new markets and new value for organisations, individuals and society. Your broad training in the economic, financial, analytical and strategic aspects of business development, combined with your excellent professional, social and communication skills enable you to flexibly adjust to and effectively operate in any new working environment in many different fields and organisations.

You’re comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams which is a career asset - in the real world most projects are performed in multidisciplinary teams, so you have strongly benefited from the multidisciplinary approach taken in this Master’s programme. You are practically oriented, but you draw on a firm basis in the theory of economics and business in order to deliver excellent results for your organisation. The study association ECU'92 organises regular career events, where you have a chance to speak with potential employers.

UU Career Services

UU Career Services offers training related to career orientation and job application skills; examples include writing an application letter and CV and conducting a job interview. You can find more information about career services on UU Career Services for Dutch students or UU Career Services for international students. Furthermore, the alumni network supports graduates with workshops and meet-ups after graduation to expand networks and skills.

UU Careers Day

Once a year, Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. The Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, have your resume assessed, and meet recruiters.