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Possible careers

There is a growing need for well-trained young talent able to see ‘the story behind the numbers’ in the financial industry. As a graduate of the MSc in Banking and Finance, you are prepared  to work within financial institutions and regulators worldwide, functioning at an excellent practical and academic level. Positions in the financial industry held by our graduates include:

  • (Investment) manager at a financial institution (Rabobank, ABN Amro, PGGM);
  • Regulator in the financial service industry (Central Banks, such as DNB, ECB, and AFM);
  • Risk Manager and Compliance officer at a financial institution;
  • (Junior) consultant Financial Services Industry;
  • Researcher at financial and government institutions (e.g. Central planning Agency, CPB).
The faculty’s strong connections with the industry helped me to find an awesome internship.
Irina Okolelova

Toward a professional career

In the financial sector there is a growing need for well-trained talent able to make clear financial analyses. Further, the future of finance must include professionals who have a firm grasp on the impact their decisions have upon society.  Graduates of the Utrecht University Master’s in Banking and Finance have gone on to work in a number of different institutions and sectors including:

  • central banks, e.g. European Central Bank, Dutch Central Bank;
  • commercial banks e.g. ABN AMRO, HSBC, ING, Rabobank;
  • supranational financial institutions, e.g. World Bank, IMF;
  • insurance firms and pension funds, e.g. Delta Lloyd, PGGM;
  • financial market regulators, e.g. BaFin and AFM;
  • start-ups and venture capital firms;
  • consultancy firms;
  • research institutes e.g. the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), Eurostat;
  • government ministries e.g. Ministry of Economic Affairs or Finance.

Check the testimonials to get an impression of the jobs alumni of the MSc in Banking and Finance get. 

Employee at a financial institution

As an employee in a financial institution, you have a number of career opportunities such as investment banking, commercial banking, portfolio or fund management, risk management, compliance, securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, or rating analyst.

Regulator in the financial sector 

As a regulator in the financial sector, you will translate international regulation to supervise financial institutions, and you monitor whether the financial institutions that are supervised are able to manage the implementation of such regulation. 


As a researcher, you aim to gain a better understanding of the role of central and commercial banks, customers, companies and households in financial markets and economies. Identifying and interpreting underlying mechanisms and new solutions in finance is key for the stability and efficiency of financial markets and institutions.

Alumni stories

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