Admission and Application

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Entry requirements

  • A BSc of a research university in Economics or Economics and Business Economics, with substantial quantitative background, preferably with some degree of specialisation in Banking and Finance.

If you have another university Bachelor’s degree you must have knowledge in the following fields:

We specifically encourage applications from students with a background in the Natural Sciences, Engineering  and Mathematics.  Other degrees (e.g. Liberal Arts and Sciences) are also welcome to apply provided they have a substantial quantitative element. In all cases students are expected to have knowledge of the fields listed above.

The Admissions Committee accesses your application and decides whether it believes you have demonstrated enough skills and knowledge to successfully complete the Master’s programme within the nominal duration of 1 year.

The committee takes into account:

- The level of the required knowledge and academic skills;
- Mastery of research methods and techniques;
- Your motivation and talent;
- Your command of the English language.

The admissions Committee bases its assessment and decision on the documents you submit. In some cases we might ask you for extra information such as course description, or invite you to an (Skype) interview.

If you are not directly admissible to the Master we may refer you to the pre-Master’s programme for students with a Bachelor’s degree of a research university.

English language requirements

As a graduate from a Dutch Research University you do not have to fulfil any extra language requirements for this programme.

Not sure about your eligibility?

Unfortunately we cannot do pre-assessments. Based on the entry requirements stated above you should be able to estimate your eligibility.
For specific questions  please contact the Graduate School of Economics by email.

When to apply


This Master’s programme adopts a rolling admissions policy. This means that applications are reviewed and accepted on an ongoing basis beginning October 1 for a September start date. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to Utrecht University as soon as possible to ensure they receive the strongest consideration for admission. The absolute latest date by which we can receive and process your application is April 1.

Complete your application in time

When applying online you are asked to submit a number of forms and documents. Please submit your application with all required documents well before the latest date of application. If your file is incomplete and/or your application fee has not been paid at that time, we will be unable to consider your application.

When can you expect a decision?

You can expect a decision within twenty working days after we have received your complete application including all required documents and fee (if applicable). In December this may take a little longer because of the Christmas break.

Application procedure


  1. Check the entry requirements for this Master’s programme.
  2. Apply in a timely manner, preferably well before the deadline; see ‘When to apply’.
  3. Download the Instructions for applying to a Master’s programme.
  4. Go to Studielink and complete the online application. 
    Please note: if you are registered with a Dutch municipality, you will need to log in using a DigiD. Applying for a DigiD takes five working days.
  5. You will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application, where you can upload the required documents. In OSIRIS Online Application you can also check the status of your application.

Required documents

During the online application process, you will be asked to submit documents that support your application to study at Utrecht University. You will find an overview of these documents below. The underlined forms can be completed on the computer. Please note that all documents must be submitted in English.

Please upload the following documents:

  • Diploma or certified graduation statement (with graduation date and without any conditions)

  • Certified transcript (including courses, grades and GPA)
    Please make sure the document has a stamp/signature and contact information of the institute.

  • Two recommenders: during the online application procedure you will be asked to fill in the name and contact - e-mail address and telephone number - of two recommenders.

Questions about the application procedure?

Please contact the Graduate School of Economics