• Hafez Ismaili m' Hamdi is a lecturer at Utrecht University

    Hafez Ismaili m'Hamdi, alumnus Applied Ethics

    “What does the concept of justice entail in public health? What does respect for autonomy mean in the context of euthanasia? Does professional responsibility require a directive or non-directive attitude from doctors? What is a fair taxation of pollution and why? These are a couple of questions I was engaged with during the Master in Applied Ethics.

    During the Master, our ability to read critically and argue in a scholarly way were challenged and promoted. This enabled us to apply abstract ethical theories in every day moral practices. But also to evaluate everyday practices and make well-argued ethical claims about them.

    These abilities are very useful in my current position as a PhD student at the Department of Medical Ethics and Philosophy at the Erasmus MC. In my field of work I greatly benefit from the reflections on ethical theory and moral practice. In the research I am doing I am focusing on ethics of public health, in particular in the field of preconception care. Having the opportunity to make a difference based on sound arguments is what I love about my current job. Creating the abilities to do so is what I enjoyed during the Master in Applied Ethics.”

  • Gerard Verstegen currently studies Applied Ethics and is a lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences

    Profile picture Gerard Verstegen, Applied Ethics

    “I have been a management consultant for about 30 years, and I am especially interested in applications within the context of organisations: business ethics. What I like in this Master’s programme is the open attitude towards very different ways of thinking. Also, I appreciate the strong focus on practical applications of moral theories, both in terms of the models and articles we are asked to read and discuss, and in the chosen educational format of learning by doing. In the majority of our assignments, we are addressing real life ethical issues.”

  • Naomi Alexander is a student of Applied Ethics

    Profile picture Naomi Alexander, Applied Ethics

    "I chose the Master’s programme Applied Ethics to delve deeper into moral philosophy whilst simultaneously applying it to the real world. It offered me the ability to put theory into practice through practical assignments and an internship and gave me the opportunity to focus on my areas of interest: climate and environmental ethics.  

    Several aspects of the programme make this Master special. The students come from diverse academic backgrounds, meaning many of us had different interests and perspectives. Equally, there is a strong focus on human rights as a form of Applied Ethics, and the opportunity to do practical work (such as an ethical advisory report) as well as an internship. I also particularly enjoyed the course Methods and Tools in Practical Philosophy, which questions Applied Ethics as a discipline and the very notion of ethical expertise or being an ethicist. It is rare for courses to explicitly question their own subject like this which makes for very interesting learning experience. Furthermore, the programme is an intensive learning experience – with compulsory courses, electives, a thesis and an internship all in 10 months.

    I did an internship at Green Office Utrecht, Utrecht University’s sustainability platform for students and staff. Working as the Campaigns & Activities Coordinator there enabled me to explore my interest in sustainability in a professional context. It was a great opportunity for networking, experiencing the sustainability challenges of universities and other big institutions and learning about what is going on in the sustainability field in the Netherlands.

    Alongside the Master, I undertook the Honours programme The Young Innovators League. This offered me a further opportunity to get practical experience in an interdisciplinary context. Both this, Applied Ethics and my internship deepened my commitment to environmental issues, and highlighted the relationship between them and other elements of global justice. After completing the programme, I am strongly motivated to find a career in this field."