Career Development

What is interesting about the programme is that you learn to apply theory to practice, by leaving the abstract academic domain and doing ‘fieldwork’ and an internship
Myrthe Lenselink, alumna
Myrthe Lenselink, alumna

Meet professionals

The Ethics Institute believes it is crucial to help students find their way to a professional career after graduating and supports students in doing so. For example, for some written assignments, you will interview ethicists in the Netherlands. This way, you will learn more about the possibilities for a future career and have the opportunity to build a professional network.

Do an internship

Furthermore, you will write an advisory report for an organisation to learn how to apply your ethical knowledge in a professional field. It is highly recommended for students to participate in an internship, and the staff of the Ethics Institute supports students in finding an organisation that suits their interest. Information about vacancies for positions in the field of ethics will be sent to all students throughout the year.

In the past Applied Ethics students have found various positions: at  financial organisations, such as banks, ath the Red Cross, with political parties (think-tanks), with advisory boards like the Centre for Ethics and Health, ministries, the WHO, The Dutch Embassy in London, the Ethics Institute and the UU Green Office, to mention a few. 

The Programme Coordinator of Applied Ethics and other instructors will offer personal support to each student in order to make the programme suited to their interests, skills, and future career perspectives.

Career Services

Career Services offers events, tests, coaching and training in and outside your Master's programme, related to professional self-analysis, career orientation and job application skills. You can find more information about career services on Career Services for Dutch students or Career Services for international students.

Your Perspective

Your Perspective is a monthly career orientation meeting for students and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. Each month we explore a different workfield or theme that is relevant for students of various disciplines within the humanities. 

Career Night Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities organises a Career Night Humanities with interesting partners who will illustrate the diversity in career opportunities for humanities graduates and give you possibilities to develop yourself by joining their projects or attending their services. 

Careers Day 

Once a year Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. This Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, and to meet recruiters at the careers fair. It’s also possible to participate in a job application training or have your résumé checked.

UU Careers Day