Admission and Application

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Entry requirements

This is a selective Master's programme. To be considered for admission, you need:

  1. a sufficient Bachelor's degree.
    Utrecht University students who successfully completed any Bachelor's programme can apply.

    Additionally, you have completed at least 7.5 EC (EC = European Credits) courses in statistics, and at least 7.5 EC of programming in R and Python. We do not accept online (non-credited) courses as a substitute for university credits.

  2. solid knowledge and skills of statistics, including:
    • descriptive and inferential statistics;
    • being familiar with statistical tests such as analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis and the ability to apply them;
    • the ability to apply and explain concepts from inferential statistics, such as probability, inference and modeling;
    • the ability to apply and explain the choice for techniques to investigate data problems;
    • the ability to apply and explain the concepts of linearity and non-linearity;
    • the ability to interpret and report statistical software output;
    • the ability to explain and conceptualize statistical inference and its relation to statistical theory; and
    • the different steps in solving regression analysis problems and report on these steps.

    ADS admissions will verify whether statistics courses taken at other universities are equivalent in content to the statistics courses taught at Utrecht University.

  3. solid knowledge and skills of programming, including:
    • data-analysis and statistical modelling applied in both R and Python;
    • data selection, e.g., from structured data, and using SQL and from unstructured data, e.g., using regular expressions; and
    • data manipulation, e.g, cleaning data, the logic of manipulation, algorithms for data manipulation.

    ADS admissions will verify whether programming courses taken at other universities are equivalent in content to the programming courses taught at Utrecht University.
    Finally, you should be able to communicate facts and findings verbally and in writing, also using information and communication technology and audio-visual means.

  4. a strong motivation plus knowledge, skills, and competences as shown through your CV, course grades and motivation statement.
    Additionally, a high level of English proficiency is expected (see below).

English language requirements

You are exempt from the English language requirement because you obtained your previous degree from a Dutch Research University.

Selection procedure

The Admissions Committee reviews all requests for admission and selects students that meet the entry requirements, based on an analysis of their academic background, grades and their motivation. The Admissions Committee also assesses whether you will be able to successfully complete the Master’s programme within the set time frame.

You can contact ADS Admissions with questions about your eligibility via

When to apply

Starting in September

  • You can apply from: 1 October
  • Deadline to apply: 1 June

Note: There is no February start for this programme.

Complete your application in time!

Please submit your application with all required documents before the application deadline. If your file is incomplete and/or your application fee has not been paid, we are unable to consider your application.

When can you expect a decision?

After you submit your application, the Admissions Office will check whether you have sent all the required documents and if your application is complete. If so, you will receive notification that your file will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. You can expect a decision within twenty working days after you receive this notification.

Application procedure

  1. Make sure you start your application well before the deadline; see ‘When to apply’.
  2. Go to Studielink and complete the registration. Afterwards you will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application.
  3. Upload all required documents in OSIRIS Online Application. Here you can also check the status of your application.
  4. After you upload all documents in OSIRIS, International Student Admissions will verify them and send them to the Graduate School for evaluation. 
  5. If you are admitted, your admission letter will describe the next steps towards enrollment. In most cases your admission is conditional, which means you will have to send additional documents or complete more steps.

Required documents

The following documents must be uploaded before the deadline: