Admission and Application

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Entry requirements

This programme aims for a diverse inflow of students from all sorts of domains, not limited to the four focus domains, hence any completed academic bachelor programme, or comparable, will suffice.

However, the programme builds on knowledge of statistics and programming, which is therefore a prerequisite for the mandatory course in the first block and hence for the entire programme.

The Board of Admissions evaluates applications on a case-to-case basis, in which they take into account the student’s relevant courses, his or her curriculum vitae and motivation, study progress, and assesses them using the following specific criteria:

Statistics, in particular knowledge and skills in descriptive and inferential statistics, knowing basic concepts in statistics such as analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis, and knowing how to apply these concepts. 

  • Explain concepts from inferential statistics, such as probability, inference and modeling; and apply them in practice.
  • Apply and explain the choice for techniques to investigate data problems.
  • Apply and explain the concepts of linearity and non-linearity.
  • Interpret statistical software output and report software output.
  • Explain and conceptualize statistical inference and its relation to statistical theory.
  • Perform the different steps in solving basic regression analysis problems and report on these steps.

Programming, in particular basic knowledge of data-analysis and statistics applied in R and Python.

  • Data selection, e.g., from structured data, and using SQL and from unstructured data, e.g., using regular expressions.
  • Data manipulation, e.g, the logic of manipulation, algorithms for data manipulation.

Preferably, you have followed a 7.5EC bachelor course in statistics and a 7.5EC bachelor course in programming in R and Python. 

Finally, applicants should have the ability to communicate facts and findings verbally and in writing, also using information and communication technology and audio-visual means.

Selection procedure

The Admissions Committee reviews all requests for admission and selects students that meet the entry requirements. The Admissions Committee also assesses whether you will be able to successfully complete the Master’s programme within the set time frame.  This means the decision on your application is based on a thorough analysis of your motivation and background knowledge.

You will receive a written notification of the decision of the Admissions Committee. 

For students of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences: completing the Applied Data Science Profile also serves as a fitting preparation for this Master’s programme.

English language requirements

As a graduate from a Dutch Research University you do not have to fulfil any extra language requirements for this programme.

You can contact the Programme Coordinator with questions about your eligibility.

For questions about the application prodedure you can contact the Admissions Committee.

When to apply

For admission in September (deadline 1 June)

We will start processing applications from 1 October. We recommend that you apply as early as possible. The absolute latest date by which we can receive and process your application is 1 June.

There is no February start for this programme.

Complete your application in time!

When applying online, you are asked to upload a number of documents. Please submit your application with all required documents well before the final date of application. If your file is incomplete and/or your application fee has not been paid at that time, we will be unable to consider your application.

When can you expect a decision?

After you submit your application, the Admissions Office will check/evaluate your qualifications, check whether you paid your application fee and whether your application is indeed complete. If so, you will receive notification that your file will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. You can expect a decision within twenty working days after you receive this notification.

Application procedure


  1. Check the entry requirements for this Master’s programme.
  2. Apply in a timely manner, preferably well before the deadline; see ‘When to apply’.
  3. Download the Instructions for applying to a Master’s programme.
  4. Go to Studielink and complete the online application. 
    Please note: if you are registered with a Dutch municipality, you will need to log in using a DigiD. Applying for a DigiD takes five working days.
  5. You will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application, where you can upload the required documents. In OSIRIS Online Application you can also check the status of your application.

Required documents

During the online application process, you will be asked to submit documents that support your application to study at Utrecht University. You will find an overview of these documents below. The underlined forms can be completed on the computer. Please note that all documents must be submitted in English.