Study programme

Study scheme, Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Each year is divided into two semesters, running from September until January and from February until June. A semester is divided into two study periods. Students will take three courses (of 5 EC each) per study period. The curriculum is different for each track. On the Courses page you can find the course descriptions of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. The courses “Research in AMR” are track-specific. 

Research Master's thesis

The programme is concluded with a Research Master's thesis (of 30 EC). The quality of this thesis is especially important if you plan on seeking admission to a PhD programme after graduation. Some examples of Master's theses writtten by students in this programme:

Read more theses of the programme’s graduates, or older theses in Medieval Studies.

Special collections of Utrecht University Library

The option to take a tutorial is provided for the study, individually or in small groups, of specific topics in the field of Ancient, Medieval or Renaissance studies.

Among the topics available for your choice are: Religious History, Saints, Relics and Religious Material Culture, Early Medieval History, Later Middle Ages, Medieval Communication, Medieval Liturgy, The Transmission of Medieval Latin Texts, Editions, Italian Renaissance Literature, Humour and Religion in Early Modern Imaginative Literature, and Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe.


  • written exams
  • take-home exams
  • written assignments
  • oral presentations
  • written reports (on paper and/or electronically)
  • participation in discussions
  • preparation of symposia